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Archive for May, 2012

Roofing Scams: Who’s Knocking on Your Door?

Posted on: May 31st, 2012 by Admin

If your neighborhood has been recently hit by a storm, tornado, or any adverse weather condition, expect some random people knocking on your door, introducing themselves as TN roofing contractors. They would come appearing at your doorsteps saying that your house is badly damaged and needs to be repaired the soonest time possible. These so-called contractors would pressure you to say yes by offering you low rates for the repairs and saying that that kind of offer is available for a limited time only. Be careful because although many of them may be legitimate contractors, there is still a possibility that you might encounter one that isn’t.

The Better Business Bureau had posted their warnings about roofing scams to different cities and states. They are advising homeowners to be aware that unscrupulous roofers are lurking around and to know how to identify and avoid them.

A roofing contractor knocking on your door is bogus if he or she pressures you into taking his or her offer of repair jobs at a low price, only accepts payments in cash, requires you to hand it on upfront, and does not have a permanent address. A BBB official said that these unscrupulous TN roofing contractors do a little effort in pretending to be legit contractors by just dressing up like one and bringing roofing-related materials with them. Moreover, they may also be storm chasers from another state who only have their truck as their office. That is why, BBB had provided guidelines for homeowners on how to hire a roofing contractor.

You can easily find a TN roofing contractor by simply searching on the Internet. When selecting a roofing contractor, research about the company first. Check the track record in BBB’s database as well as the summary of complaints and the company’s rating. Make some comparisons of other roofing companies. Make sure also that the company has the proper licensing. Moreover, legitimate roofing contractors must have liability insurance and workmanship warranty. Lastly, insist that all agreements, including the exact amount of the deposit, materials that will be used, scope of labor, warranties and insurance, are in writing. Do not sign anything, especially the contract, without reading and understanding it first.

To avoid being fooled by fraudulent roofing contractors, do not let someone knocking on your door to immediately take over the roofing job. Remember the tips and warning mentioned above and don’t end up paying so much for a poor quality repair job. In addition, do not be hasty in making decisions, especially on selecting a roofer, just because you want your roof restored as soon as possible. This would only cause you to miss on important details and fail to work with the best roofer.

The Importance of Gutter Maintenance

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by Admin

Gutters are important components of roof systems. These are the troughs that hang from the overhanging edge of a roof. Their main job is to catch the rainwater pouring down from the roof to lead it away from the foundations of the house. A gutter system has three basic parts: the hanger, or the fixed metal strips where the gutter hangs; the trough itself; and the downspout, or the vertical pipe where the rainwater flows down towards the ground.

When you get your roof installed by roofers in Nashville, TN, they will also install a rainwater gutter system. Aside from rainwater, a gutter system also collects leaves, twigs and other debris that fall down from the roof. When these things accumulate, it can lead to clogging and water buildup.

You do not want your gutters to get clogged because dry leaves and twigs are potential fire hazards during the dry season. Debris in the gutters can also block drains during the rainy season. When your gutters are obstructed, there is a risk of rainwater flowing inside the cavities of the roof which can cause water damage to the interior and exterior walls. Debris and stagnant water can also cause metallic gutters to corrode and become rusty. If this happens, you will need to contact roofers in Nashville, TN to get your damaged gutters replaced.

When a gutter contains stagnant water, it can be a perfect breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes. Pests are also attracted to the warm and moist environment of clogged gutters, so not only will you have gutter problems, you will also have vermin problems as well.

You can clean your gutters once in a while but you must also get it cleaned by professional rainwater gutter cleaners at least once a year. Fortunately, there are a lot of roofing companies in Nashville that can help you with this. Aside from installing, cleaning and repairing roofs, roofers in Nashville, TN also install, clean and repair gutters. Aside from these jobs, they can also give you advice on how to do proper gutter maintenance on a regular basis as well.

According to roofing contractors, the best time to clean your rainwater gutter is in the spring or late fall. If you are going to clean it in late fall, make sure that the trees around your house have already shed their leaves. You can contact your friendly neighborhood roofers in Nashville, TN for more details about gutter systems and maintenance.

The Importance of Roof Ventilation

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by Admin

The roof is one of the most important parts of a house. Because of its location, the roof is often subject to harsh weather conditions that often fluctuate. Not all people know that sudden changes in the weather or atmospheric temperatures can wreak havoc to a roof system.

One of the most important factors in roof maintenance is by keeping it in a constant temperature. Maintaining a constant temperature for roofing Knoxville, TN is difficult if the area where the house is constantly experiences changes in the weather and temperatures. To keep a roof in a consistent temperature, it needs to have adequate roof ventilation.

Importance of Roof Ventilation

Proper roof ventilation is important because it can lengthen the lifespan of a roof. A roof has good ventilation if there is a balance between the air intake and the air exhaust. According to architects, an average household can produce four to five pounds of water vapor a day and if there is no sufficient roof ventilation, this water vapor has nowhere to go but through the roof components. If this happens, it can cause a lot of problems and eventually lead to the deterioration of the roof.

Problem 1: Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can appear on the roof when the climate is hot and humid. The roof insulation can trap moisture and water vapor which makes it a suitable environment for mildew, mold and spores to grow and thrive. Not only are they harmful to a person’s health, they are also difficult and expensive to remove.

Problem 2: Rust

When the water vapor inside the house goes up to the roof, it will eventually turn into condensation and cause the metallic components of the roof to rust. These metal components include nails, plumbing, and the strips of metal that hold down the air ducts. If this problem goes unnoticed, the air ducts can crash down.

Problem 3: Ice dams

Ice dams can form between the roof shingles and around the perimeter of the roofing Knoxville, TN. This is due to the refreezing of melting snow on the roof. Adequate roof ventilation can prevent the formation of ice dams on the roof.

Homeowners are advised to install proper ventilation for their roofing Knoxville, TN to avoid these problems. Not only will they prevent damage to their roof and the structure of their house, they will also ensure the safety of the people living inside the house and save a lot of money in the long run.

How to Choose the Best Roofing Nashville, TN Material

Posted on: May 29th, 2012 by Admin

Choosing the right material for your roof is not just about selecting which will look good the most on your home. You have to consider several factors also before you can finally pick the right roofing Nashville, TN material for your roof. Some of the obvious factors to consider are the climate, roof design, and your house’s architectural design. But here are other more specific factors that you have to look into when choosing the best material for your roof.


Your choice of roofing material will depend on the slope of your roof, whether it is steep or flat. Metal roofing is ideal for steep roofs while flat roofs are usually underlaid with a waterproof membrane and covered with a rubber or tar material. Meanwhile, medium-sloped roofs are normally made with asphalt shingles. Considering the slope when choosing roofing materials is important because if inappropriate materials are used with your roof design, you would keep on experiencing roof leaks later on.


What kind of weather do you usually experience in your place? Your answer to this will affect your choice of roofing material. In places where heavy rain and snow are frequent, a flat or tar roof is not a good choice. Meanwhile, metal roofs are good in almost all weather conditions. However, if they are not insulated properly, the temperature in the rooms below would be too hot or too cold depending on the weather. Nashville has a sub-tropical climate and rarely experiences heavy snow and rain.


Roofing materials have also life spans and although most of them last long, none of them lasts forever. So, make a wise choice of roofing material by considering its life span. Slate roofs are the most expensive as they are made from the natural mineral slate. Aside from its naturally varying colors, which gives the house an elegant look, slate roofs last the longest among roof materials—about 60 to 125 years. Wood shakes or shingles also give your house a natural look and can last up to 50 years. Meanwhile, warranties for metal roofs vary, with 20 years as the minimum.

These are just some of the factors that you need to consider in choosing what type of material to use for your roof. Selecting the most appropriate one for your Nashville home is not easy as homeowners like you do not usually have enough knowledge about roofing. It is then ideal to get help and guidance from a professional roofing Nashville, TN contractor and plan the roof installation with them.

How to Work Well with Roofing Contractors in Nashville

Posted on: May 28th, 2012 by Admin

Roofing jobs are not easy and not all homeowners can do this kind of job by themselves. Roofing contractors Nashville, TN would, most of the time, be necessary to work your roof. However, when hiring roofing contractors, don’t be in a rush in selecting who will do the job. You would certainly want to make sure that the job is professionally done on your roof. So, here are some tips in working with roofing contractors.

First, make sure that the roofing contractor that you want to hire is legitimate. To find out, research about their track record and the date since when they have stated operating. This will give you an idea of how much experience they already have in doing roofing jobs. You can also check out the website of Better Business Bureau or BBB and read the review, accreditation, and summary of complaints about the contractor. Consider also the rating given by BBB; the higher the rating, the better. Legitimate roofing contractors also have complete contact information provided in their websites and a permanent address. You can also contact them and ask them about their licensing, permits, the insurance coverage of workers, and request for a list of their previous clients for your reference.

Second, get an estimate before you make your final choice of contractor. BBB advises homeowners to get at least 3 estimates from various contractors. Estimates should be comprehensive, including a complete breakdown of all the costs involved—materials, labor, and the like. Compare estimates carefully and make a smart decision from there. You can also ask for recommendations to help you find good contractors and choose the best one.

Third, be really careful when working with roofing contractors Nashville, TN. Do not ever pay in full upfront when the work has not been started yet. Most of the time, this is a scam. Moreover, good contractors do not ask for the full payment in advance. Do not also sign the contract without reading it first and if there are still some terms that are not clear to you. Bring up any clarifications and always read the contract before signing on the dotted line. Lastly, be suspicious of roofing contractors knocking on your door after a recent storm, for instance, telling you that your house is badly damaged and needs so and so repairs or even replacement. Most of the time, these are bogus contractors with no permanent addresses.

Many homeowners have bad experiences with roofing contractors because of two main reasons. One is the terms between them and the contractor are not clear and the other is the roofing job turned out to be a scam. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and build a good business relationship with a professional roofer.

How to Have an Energy-Efficient Roof for Your Nashville Home

Posted on: May 25th, 2012 by Admin

The month of May is about to end and the onset of the summer season is at hand. You should start preparing your roof and your home now to keep it cool during the warm days. The problem with having such a climate is that you would have to spend more on air-conditioning costs to keep your place cool. However, you can save on energy costs by making your Nashville roof energy-efficient. This is one of the most effective ways to enjoy cool temperature in your house during summer. Here are some ways on how you can make your Nashville roof energy-efficient.

Reflective Roofs

Reflective roofs are made of roofing materials such as reflective coatings and radiant barrier that are heat-resistant and repel solar rays. According to a scientist from Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and as reported in The Daily Californian, white-painted roofs can cool the temperature in the rooms below the roof. Just like with clothes, dark colors like black absorbs heat more than light colors, suggesting a warmer temperature. Moreover, according to the laboratory, white roofs reflect 80% of the radiation back to the atmosphere, while dark-colored roofs absorb around 90%of the radiation, making the house even warmer. This will definitely hurt your pocket from paying expensive electricity bills. So, if you want a cooler roof, paint it with white or with a lighter shade or replace your dark-colored asphalt or tile shingles with their light-colored alternatives.


Controlling heat absorption to your house is the main job of your roof’s insulation system. Your attic and the roof itself are the most important areas where there should be insulation. Even if you have an insulation system but a poor one, it would not be effective in regulating the temperature in your house. The key to having an effective insulation system is being able to choose the right materials to use. In general, radiant barrier, a shiny sheet of aluminum fastened inside the roof, is one of the most effective reflective roofing materials that blocks radiation from the roof to keep it from warming the house. If you want an excellent insulation system for your Nashville roof, get advice from manufacturers of roofing materials or from roofing contractors about the right kind of materials that should be used.

There are many ways to cool your house during the summer season but keep in mind that your roof has a great contribution in making your house cooler. Make sure that while it protects you well, it also saves you more cash from energy costs.

Why Do You Experience Roof Leaks?

Posted on: May 24th, 2012 by Admin

Roof leaks can lead to more problems and greater damages. If they are unnoticed, they would continue to rot and deteriorate your roof trusses, rafters, and insulation which make up the framework of your roof. Roof leaks would also promote mold growth. Molds may not be causing structural damage to your roof but they are detrimental to your health. Moreover, when roof leaks trigger more complicated problems to occur, they will hurt your pocket too. Thus, when you begin to notice signs of roof leaks, take action immediately. Here are some things that can cause you a leaking roof.


Flashings are thin sheets of metal used to cover the junctions on the roof. These are installed on valleys and around roof attachments such as chimneys, skylights, and vent pipes to prevent water from seeping through the possible openings caused by these joints. If flashings are damaged, missing, improperly installed, or not well-sealed, rain water would definitely infiltrate your roof framing. Thus, you have to make sure that the flashings on your roof are properly installed and in good condition.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are caused by snow on the top of your roof where it warms and starts to melt. It would drip to the eaves where it cools and freezes again, forming an ice dam. The process would repeat in a cycle causing the water between the snow on the roof surface and the ice dam to stagnate and seep underneath the shingles into the roof and wall insulation and roof framing, causing roof leaks. Ice dams occur when there is poor ventilation and insulation and are triggered by heat coming from the house. So, if you don’t want ice dams to cause roof leaks in your house, make sure that you maintain good ventilation and insulation systems.


Shingles are the most unlikely culprit for roof leaks. They have long life spans and would not deteriorate easily. However, damages are sometimes inevitable and would cause other roof problems when left unnoticed. For example, missing, old, and blown off shingles would give way to water infiltration which will allow roof leaks. Also, if nail holes on shingles are left unsealed, they are definitely entry points for water to seep through.

Other reasons for roof leaks are poor Tennessee roofing contractor job, damages by severe weather conditions which allow water infiltration, and lack of maintenance or regular inspection. It is important that you climb your roof on a regular basis to check for some signs of damages and deterioration, even before you start noticing signs of roof leaks. If you think climbing your roof is too dangerous for you, you can always hire a good Tennessee roofing contractor to run regular inspection on your roof.


Don’t Get Ripped-Off by Roof Repair Frauds

Posted on: May 23rd, 2012 by Admin

You may not know it but there are rip-off artists lurking around your neighborhood to offer you a bogus Knoxville roof repair service. How would you know if the one knocking on your door is one of them and how can you avoid falling into their trap? Check out these tips.

Knoxville roof repair scam artists would knock on your door especially if your neighborhood has just been hit by a storm. They would tell you that your roof has incurred severe damages and that your house is not a safe place. The Better Business Bureau advises homeowners to be careful of people appearing at their doorsteps claiming that they are roof repair specialists but would turn out to be fakes. In case you encounter one of them, ask for their license and permits. Legitimate Knoxville roof repair services also have a permanent address.

Another thing that you shouldn’t do to avoid falling into the trap of roof repair rip-off artists is paying in full before the work has been started. Yes, there are some roofing contractors who would ask you to pay the full cost even if they haven’t even climbed your roof yet. Don’t give in to this demand as this is, most of the time, a scam.

You can also protect your cash by paying the contractor by credit card. Paying in cash puts you in a situation where it will be hard for you to retrieve your cash if any problem arises. If you pay through credit card, you can easily retract the payment if everything suddenly turned out bad.

Do not also let the contractor start the job or even finish it without asking you to sign a contract. A contract is important to legally establish the agreements made between you and the contractor. It must include all the important details such as the breakdown and exact amount of the roof repair cost, tasks involved, materials used, warranties, and insurance, which are relevant to the services they do.

Lastly, if you are searching for a good Knoxville roof repair specialist, the Better Business Bureau suggests that homeowners get three to four estimates from different roofing contractors to avoid being charged unreasonably by fraudulent contractors. According to BBB, the estimate must include the materials that will be used including the manufacturer and type, a timeline of when the project will be started and finished, estimated overall cost, warranties, and extra charges.

As a final note, it is important that you check the legitimacy of the roofing contractor you are dealing with when hiring roof repair services. You should also do some research on the various pricing of different roofing companies. Make sure that you get the most cost-efficient deal from a legitimate contractor.

Storm Damage Repair Guidelines

Posted on: May 22nd, 2012 by Admin

Most of the time, if your roof has been hit by a storm, the damage it will cause your roof is not simple, but severe and complicated. You would need to hire a professional roofer to perform necessary repairs on your storm-damaged roof, or even replacement. However, do not be too comfortable in hiring random contractors. Here are some guidelines.

After the storm and when it is already safe, climb up to your roof and run an inspection on the damages. Take an initial assessment on the repairs and restoration needed for your damaged roof. Sometimes, damages could seem minor and not to need that much attention. However, whether the damages are severe or not, you should have them repaired immediately before they can cause further and more serious damages. Doing this can actually save you more money as it prevents more complicated repairs to be done on worse damages.

In choosing a storm damage repair specialist, the Better Business Bureau advises homeowners to get three to four estimates before settling with one. Also, check the background and the track record of your prospective roof contractors. Ask them also about their licensing and if they have secured all the necessary permits. Although there are some states which do not require building permits, you and your contractor should know that Tennessee does and comply with the requirements.

Moreover, since storm damage is not a minor roof damage, repairs would then be expensive. You might even need your roof to be replaced, as has been noted. In this case, you would need to prepare your insurance policy by being familiar with its coverage and the process for claiming it. There are some roofing contractors who offer assistance in insurance claim process.

Lastly, before you set everything between you and the contractor final, make sure that all agreements and conditions are put into writing. Require a contract if they haven’t initialized it yet. Before signing it, make sure that you have read and understood all the terms. It should include all the important details of your agreement such as the amount you have to pay, the tasks involved for the completion of the project, materials that will be used along with their brand names, and a schedule or timeline of their work.

For some final reminders, pay for the storm damage repair service in credit card as much as possible. Otherwise, it could prevent you from easily retrieving your cash if problems arise.

Advantages of Having a Roofing Knoxville Pro Do Your Roof

Posted on: May 22nd, 2012 by Admin

There are two ways by which you can fix your roof: either you do repairs on your own or hire a roofing Knoxville professional to do the work. However, the former seems less of an ideal option as most often than not, homeowners are inexperienced in roofing jobs. In this case, hiring a professional roofer would be more advantageous for homeowners who need repairs done on their roofs. Here are other convincing reasons.

Hiring a roofing Knoxville professional keeps you and your household safe from any dangers of doing the roofing job. Roofing contractors are experts in doing roofing jobs and know very well to take the necessary safety precautions while working. Letting them do the job definitely spares you from harming yourself from any untoward circumstances that may happen while you do the repairs on your own. Moreover, as has been pointed out earlier, most homeowners like you are inexperienced with roofing jobs and would really need the help of a professional.

Another advantage of letting a roofing contractor take over is you will be able to prepare and plan your budget for the roofing cost beforehand. A roofing contractor would run an initial inspection on your roof and provide you with an estimate of how much the roofing cost, including all the materials and labor costs involved, would be. Having an estimate also helps you decide on which roofing contractor and materials to pick for the project.

Professional roofers can also provide you with pieces of advice and guidance especially on choosing the roofing materials and the type and design of roof that are appropriate for your home. In reality, homeowners are not familiar with the technical aspect of repairing and replacing a roof as well as the functionality and features of various roofing materials.

Lastly, having a roofing Knoxville contractor do your roof also saves you more time and money. It keeps you from the scenario of doing the job on your own and ending up having made a lot of mistakes. You would spend unnecessary time and money in that scenario, but if you hire a contractor, the job can be done expertly and quickly.

However, there are some important reminders that you need to keep in mind when choosing a roofing Knoxville contractor. First, choose a contractor near your place as much as possible. This will minimize the labor cost, particularly the transportation cost for the contractor. Second, evaluate a contractor very carefully. Check their track record and legitimacy before signing a contract with them. Make sure that they have the proper licensing and are complying with building requirements by the state. Lastly, check with the Better Business Bureau if they are a registered business.

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