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Archive for June, 2012

The Problem With Ice Dams and How to Stop It

Posted on: June 29th, 2012 by Admin

Ice dams are structures of ice formed by melting snow that froze again along the edges of a roof. They form when a warm attic causes the snow on the roof surface near it to melt, dripping down to the lower part of the roof where it is colder. The melting snow then freezes again, becoming an ice dam. There seems to be no problem with this. However, the process would repeat into a cycle and when it does, the melting snow from the top roof surface and the ice dams will trap water between them. The water would then seep underneath the shingles and then to the roof sheathing and framing, ceiling, and then to walls, causing more problematic roof leaks.

The main problem for the formation of ice dams is the warming of the attic which results from heat loss caused by inadequate insulation. The very good solution to prevent this from happening next winter is to keep your roof cold. How is that going to be possible?

The heat loss from inadequate insulation is because of air leaks. Air leaks could come from chimneys, plumbing pipes, light fixtures, and the like. In preparing your roof for winter and in keeping it cool, go up to your attic before snow storm comes and seal all these openings with caulk or foam.

Ventilators or vents can also help in keeping the roof cold. Install roof vents, ridge vents, and soffit vents before winter comes. Vents allow the cold air to enter and release the air coming from the attic.

If these, and other techniques of keeping the roof cold, did not work, you can instead use an aluminum rake to remove the snow from the upper part of the roof surface to prevent it from melting down and forming ice dams. However, remember not to do this while you are stepping on a ladder.

If you need assistance to some of these fixes, hire one of the best Nashville, TN roofers and have them install more effective insulation and ventilation for you roof. Also, if you are getting a new roof for your home, tell them to make sure that your new roofing system is effective against ice dams and other roof leak problems this time. You can refer to the websites of BBB and NRCA for lists of legitimate and registered Nashville, TN roofers.

Homeowners like you should be on the alert during winter as dealing with roof leaks caused by ice dams is always possible to happen. Moreover, act on the problem right away as roof leaks can lead to more serious water damage and could require you to spend a huge amount of money for repairs.

Weather-related Roof Damages

Posted on: June 28th, 2012 by Admin

The roof is the part of your house that is most prone to damage. It provides you protection and as time passes by, its durability slowly wanes. This is the reason why you should regularly check your roof for any damages so it can be repaired immediately. Nashville, Tennessee has a humid subtropical climate which means it experiences hot summers, cool and moderate winters, and spring and fall comes with heavy thunderstorms that may sometimes bring tornadoes. Weather conditions like these calls for roof repair Nashville, TN specialists to be as effective and resilient as it could possibly be.

Summer-related Roof Damage

The extreme climate in Nashville can cause various damage to your roof. Hot, humid summers result in the discoloration of the roof. This happens because humidity causes algae, mold and fungus to grow on your roof. The presence of these will damage your roof and can cause leaks. This particular roof problem should be addressed immediately by your roofing contractor.

Hailstorm and Rain-related Roof Damage

Hailstorms can damage your roof’s shingles as well. Parts of your shingles hit by the ice or heavy rain drops can go missing. Over time, these small damages will get worse, shortening your roof’s lifespan and causing leaks. After a hailstorm, you should check the status of your roof for any damages and have a roof repair Nashville, TN specialist fix it for you so as to prevent it from further deterioration.

Snow-related Roof Damage

Snowfall can also cause significant damage to your roof. The weight of accumulated snow and ice on your roof can result in water leaks in your house. The heat from inside your house can melt the ice and snow on your roof which will then create ice dams on your gutters that may eventually lead to water leaks. After a snowfall, do not attempt to remove the snow by yourself because it is a dangerous task so be sure to have a roof repair Nashville, TN professional do it for you. They have the extensive experience and appropriate equipment to accomplish this.

Wind-related Roof Damage

Roofs are made to withstand and resist normal wind but when wind starts to get a little stronger, it can cause significant damage on your roof. When strong winds blow, aging and dry shingles may move and peel off. Like any roof damage, it will start small but eventually, it will progressively grow into a bigger problem.

With this information at hand, make sure that your roof will be ready for any weather conditions and make sure that it is regularly inspected by a roof repair Nashville, TN contractor so it can last longer.

Learning About Windows: Types and Materials

Posted on: June 27th, 2012 by Admin

Do you know that aside from your roof, your windows could also get damaged by hail and storm? Do you also know that your roofing Tennessee contractor can fix the damages, either by repair or replacement, on your windows? If your windows need to be replaced already, it is important that you know something about them so you can make smart choices. Here are some basics.


There are several types of windows. Among the common ones are awning, bay and bow, casement, double-hung, fixed, sliding, picture, and roof windows.

Awnings are rectangular windows that open outward. They provide good ventilation even when it is raining. Awnings are often installed above doors and other windows.

Bay and bow windows are slightly projected outward for wider viewing. This type of window also adds architectural style to homes. Bay and bow windows are often installed in bedrooms and living rooms.

Casement is another type of window that opens outward. It is a vertical window which may have locks on both the lower and upper parts.

Double-hung windows are opened by raising the lower half of the window upward. This is one of the most common types of windows you may see in traditional American homes.

Fixed windows, as the name suggests, cannot be opened and closed, thus providing no ventilation. They are usually used for decorative purposes. They come in various shapes and sizes.

Sliding windows feature modernity and elegance. They can be opened by sliding the other half of the window to other half.

Picture windows are like fixed windows. They are simply framed windows that do not also provide ventilation. It allows a wider and clearer viewing.

Lastly, roof windows, also called skylights, are window structures installed on roof surfaces. They add to the roof’s ventilation system and lighting.


Windows can be made of wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and clad wood.

A wooden window serves as natural insulator. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures. However, windows made of wood would need to be maintained regularly to avoid rotting.

Vinyl windows are energy-efficient. They are the most affordable window material that is also very durable. They are resistant to impact and corrosion.

Aluminum windows, on the other hand, are poor insulators because they are not resistant to heat and cold. However, they are also durable like vinyl windows and need less maintenance.

Fiberglass is the newest, most expensive, and most energy-efficient material for windows. It is also very durable and resistant to corrosion.

When having your windows replaced, ask your roofing Tennessee contractor about the appropriate window style and material that should be used for your home. They can best guide you to make the right choice.

TN Gov’t Says Hire Only Licensed Roofing Contractors

Posted on: June 26th, 2012 by Admin

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given its warning to homeowners about storm chasers or fake roofers going door to door to offer cheap roofing services. There are already many complaints involving such roofers that were filed. That is why, the local government of Tennessee urges homeowners to hire only licensed roofing contractors.

Homeowners should ask first for a roofer’s license card and verify its validity in the online database or license search provided by the Board for Licensing Contractors of Tennessee’s Department of Commerce and Insurance. When looking up a roofing contractor Nashville, TN, look at the name of the contractor and the status, type and expiration date of their license. Be familiar and read about the different status codes you may find in the database: active, delinquent, failed to renew, needs QA (qualifying agent), retired, withdrew, military, revoked, denied, bad check, expired, app in proc (application in process), do not use, adm error (admin error). Certainly, the license status of a legitimate contractor must be active.

Aside from verifying the roofing contractor’s license, Tennessee, just like BBB, also advises homeowners to get at least 3 bids from various roofing contractors. Getting more than one bid allows you to compare prices and end up with the smartest choice. Moreover, some roofing contractors estimate the roofing cost too highly or too cheaply. In any case, always ask the roofing contractor Nashville, TN how they arrived at the estimated costs.

Moreover, homeowners are also reminded to always get a written roofing contract. Verbal agreements are useless and it is required by law to have all roofing projects, especially those amounting to at least $25, 000, be legally bound by a written document such as a contract. The contract must contain complete details about the contractor and all the parties involved in the project, detailed description of the materials that will be used and the project itself, payment schedule, statements of warranties and insurance, and other important clauses.

Lastly, never pay in cash upfront, especially more than 30% down payment or deposit. Fraudulent roofing contractors would always demand the full payment in advance even if they haven’t started on the project yet.

When finding good roofing contractors, you can ask around for recommendations, access online databases of BBB and NRCA for registered roofing contractors in your place, or find them using search engines. Aside from license, check also if your prospective contractor has the necessary certificates and permits to do roofing jobs.

Understanding the Roof Leak Problem

Posted on: June 25th, 2012 by Admin

Roof leaks are never secret. You would know if you have a leaking roof because it leaves water stains on your ceiling. What is more difficult to find out is the source or cause of the leak. It is important that roof leaks be fixed immediately as they can lead to more serious damages, such as rotten sheathing and framing, ruined insulation, damaged ceiling and mold problems, which require more expensive repairs.

The most common way to find the source of leaks is running down water on the shingles by using a garden hose. However, this method sometimes do not work. Another way is to remove the shingles on the suspected areas and this is the easiest way to see the source of leak right away underneath the shingles. However, if you know that you have roof leak problem, you could immediately check out the most common sources of roof leaks which are roof penetrations such as roof vents, dormers, sidings, and flashings.

Roof leaks from roof vents are caused by the cracks on the ventilator housing. Plastic housings are more prone to have these cracks. The fix for this is not caulking the cracks but to replace the damaged vents already. Caulks may wear out again in time and would not solve the problem at all. For a long term fix, replace the roof vent instead.

Meanwhile, dormers are window-like structures projected from the roof. If some of the sidings on your dormers are missing or cracked, rain water blown by the wind could easily seep through those tiny openings. Another thing is when the step flashings around the dormers are already deteriorated or not properly installed anymore, they would also allow water penetration. To fix this problem, use a putty knife to check if the caulks are still effectively sealing off the openings. If they can be easily removed, replace them with new caulks. Replace also missing or damaged sidings.

As mentioned, deteriorated and improperly installed flashings can also allow water penetration into the roof system, causing leaks. Flashings are thin sheets of metal used to seal transitions in the roof—around chimneys, roof vents, dormers, and on valleys. If the flashings on your roof are loose, missing, or rusty, nail them into place or replace them.

There are some things you need to keep in mind while fixing your leaking roof: Caulk or rain sealants will not really solve the leak problem. They are only for temporary fix. Opt for long-term solutions instead even if they may require more work and cash at the time. If the damages are already severe and complicated repairs are needed, hire a good roofing Clarksville, TN professional to do the work. You can find a list of licensed and certified roofing Clarksville, TN companies in BBB and NRCA websites.

Tips on Gutter Maintenance

Posted on: June 21st, 2012 by Admin

Gutters are essential to roofing systems as they are mainly responsible for channeling water away to prevent water leaks and damage. They are installed at the eaves of the roof. It is important that gutters are maintained regularly to so you won’t have to spend so much on major repairs. Here’s how to take care of your gutters.


Think safe first! When climbing a ladder in cleaning or repairing your gutter, make sure that it is placed in a solid and level ground. Follow the guidelines provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in climbing ladders for roofing projects. Use also the proper equipment for the job like gloves, hand shovel, garden hose, drill, screwdrivers, and hammer. Work only when the weather is fine.

Cleaning Gutters

The first step to gutter maintenance is shoveling off all the debris in your gutter. They may be leaves, twigs, snow, or granules of shingles. After removing them, flush the gutter with water to wash away the dirt. This may take some time but while doing this, observe if there are any signs of leaks or clogging. Clogging is the main problem of gutters and is mainly caused by debris. It can be detected by observing where the water is pooling in your gutter. If water is pooling near the downspout, the downspout itself might be clogged. If the water is pooling somewhere along the gutter, the problem might not be clogging but faulty installation. Mark the areas that you need to repair or seal off.

Gutter Repairs

If there are cracks in your gutter that are causing leaks, the simplest way to fix this is to use gutter sealant. Just make sure, though, that the gutter is completely dry before you apply the sealant. Otherwise, it won’t work well on wet surface.

Gutters may also sag due to deterioration, hail damage, or heavy snow. If your gutter has sagged, nail the gutter hanger back, and this time, to the rafters, for a firmer hold. Make sure also that rivets are fastened into place. In some cases, sagging gutters may need to be replaced already.

Professional Help

Gutter repairs can sometimes be complicated and you will be needing the services of a roofing company Nashville, TN to safely and professionally do it for you. Moreover, if you are not confident about doing such a job, it is better for you to hire a professional. When hiring a roofing company Nashville, TN, check with the Better Business Bureau and National Roofing Contractors Association first if it is legitimately operating as a business or not. Make sure that the company is licensed and certified to do roofing jobs in Tennessee.

How to Get Roofing Estimates

Posted on: June 20th, 2012 by Admin

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises homeowners to get at least 3 to 4 estimates from various roofing contractors before they hire one. Here are some tips in getting roofing estimates from roofers Nashville, TN.

1. Ask around.

If you are hiring a roofing contractor for the first time, it will not be that easy for you to find the best one. You would need to spend some time doing research and back-tracking on the performance of your prospective contractors. One way to make your search for a good contractor easier is to ask around. Ask your neighbors who have worked with a roofing contractor before for recommendations. Keep a list of your prospective roofers Nashville, TN and start getting estimates from them.

2. Estimates should be written.

It is not enough that a roofing contractor would just discuss the damages on your roof and their recommendations. The findings of a roof inspection and the estimates should be both in writing. An estimate must include the materials needed for the project with their manufacturers, types, quantity and prices, the labor involved, time table for the completion of the project, and the estimated total roofing cost. If the estimate is too high, ask the contractor why is it so and try to negotiate for a lower roofing cost in conformation with your budget. In the same way, if the estimate is too cheap, ask the contractor why their prices are much lower than their competitors. Be skeptical of such offers as these often turn out to be scams.

3. Choose the best roofing company.

After choosing the most cost-efficient roofing estimate for you, make sure that the roofing company you’ll work with is legitimate and reliable. You can ensure the company’s legitimacy by checking out BBB’s database and NRCA’s list of registered contractors. Also, legitimate roofers Nashville, TN are licensed and certified to do roofing jobs in your place. You can request for documents as proofs of their legitimate operation.

4. Know the factors that affect the roofing cost.

There are more than a couple of things that affect the roofing cost. Some of these are the materials, roof pitch, and the labor. The prices of the materials depend on the manufacturer, type, and quantity of materials needed for the project. Sometimes, a roofing estimate gets expensive when the roofing contractor suggests to use more expensive materials from big manufacturers. Meanwhile, the roof pitch refers to the steepness of the roof. The higher the pitch, the higher the cost will be. This is because high-pitched roofs are more difficult to work on than low-sloped and flat roofs. Also, the labor cost for a roofing job may be more expensive if there are more tasks, like tearing off old layers and repairing damages, that need to be accomplished.

General Roof Repair Tips

Posted on: June 19th, 2012 by Admin

Severe weather conditions like storms, snow, hail, and the like are detrimental to the life of your roof. The damages they cause your roof could lead to worse damages if left unnoticed. To avoid this, you need to climb your roof after a storm, hail or winter to check how severe the damages are and do temporary repairs. When doing so, keep in mind the following:

Safety Tips

Doing roof inspection and repairs on your own saves you money from having to hire roof repair Nashville, TN services to climb your roof and do the job. However, you have to be careful when climbing your roof by observing general safety guidelines. Use a sturdy ladder and make sure that it is placed on a level and solid ground so it can firmly hold you. Bring up with you all the tools that you will be needing so you won’t have to keep on coming up and down your roof just to get tools. Use a harness, just like the one professional roofers use, to hold you while you work up there. This will keep you from being injured in case you accidentally fall off the roof. Wear rubber-soled shoes also and not slippers. More importantly, make sure that your roof is already safe to walk on before going up. Read about the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) safety guidelines in working on an elevated surface to learn more.

Temporary Repairs

When you see discolored shingles, too much shingle granule loss, loose flashings, rotted rafters and sheathing, torn shingles, sagging gutters, and damaged ridge caps on your roof, it means that your roof desperately needs to be repaired. It is good to know how to do some simple roof repairs to fix simple damages. Besides, you would really need to do some temporary repairs on the damages on your roof while you wait for a roof repair Nashville, TN specialist to fix them. Make sure you have the common tools used for simple roof repairs in your garage such as pry bar, caulking gun, claw hammer, roof nails, and scraper and know how to use them properly.

Roof Repair Services

If your roof already needs complex repairs, it is time for you to hire a roofing pro to do the necessary roof repairs. However, you should be careful in choosing the roofing company that will work your roof. Make sure that they are licensed and certified to do roofing jobs in your place. You can also research about them by asking around or checking out their credentials in BBB’s website. Do not also be hasty to agree with so-called roofing contractors knocking on your door and offering you cheap roofing services. Familiarize yourself with the various roofing scams so you would know also how to avoid them.

Things You Have Yet to Know About a Roofing Contractor

Posted on: June 18th, 2012 by Admin

Not all homeowners can do roofing jobs on their own. Moreover, not all have the guts to climb their roofs. That is why, the services of a roofing contractor Nashville, TN are necessary in most cases. Professional roofers can handle roofing jobs well and hiring them would spare you from the risk of injuring yourself. Here are some things you should know about roofing contractors before hiring one.


It is just important to work with a legitimate roofer to ensure that you get a good quality job done on your roof. To check if a roofing contractor Nashville, TN is legitimate or not, check out the websites of BBB and NRCA. See if it is a registered business and has the proper licensing, certificates, and permits. Research also about what their previous customers have to say about them by asking for a list of references from your prospective roofing contractor. You can also ask people from your neighborhood who have worked with a roofing company before for recommendations.

Familiarize yourself also from fraudulent roofing services. Fake roofers would usually come knocking on your door after a storm, offering you cheap roofing services. In most cases, such roofers turn out to be rip-off artists who just want your money and would leave your roof poorly done. It’s time to think twice when the roofer at your doorstep pressures you to take their offer, asks you to pay in full before they start the job, says they only accept cash payments, cannot give you a permanent office address, offers too good to be true promos, or says they can use some left over materials from their previous project to do some repairs on your roof.


The roofing team is composed of professional individuals that perform their respective roles to do an excellent job on your roof. The roofing team is basically composed of the architects and engineers who are responsible for the designs, the materials manufacturer who provides the proper and best quality materials needed for the roofing job, and lastly, the roofers themselves who climb your roof and do repairs and installation. When hiring a roofing company, insist on having the project supervised to make sure everybody’s safety and the quality of the job.


It is important that all agreements are put into writing when working with a roofing company. This is so that any disputes that could rise can be resolved easily by simply going back to what the contract says. The contract must include details about the warranties involved, description of the project, list of materials and tasks involved in the project, details about the contractor and the homeowner, payment schedule, and the like. All details must be accurate, specific, and clearly stated to avoid any misinterpretations. The roofing contract must protect the interests of both the roofing contractor and the homeowner.

General Roof Replacement Guidelines

Posted on: June 15th, 2012 by Admin

Roof replacement is needed when your roof system is already deteriorating or when your roof was wrecked by a storm. The job is not easy and cheap and would take some time before it is completed. Getting a new TN roofing system is also not an easy decision to make, especially if you are not knowledgeable about it. Here then are some general guidelines in having your roof replaced.

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

When choosing a TN roofing contractor to do the roof replacement job for you, check with the Better Business Bureau and National Roofing Contractors Association first if a roofing contractor is legitimate or not. Work only with those who have the proper licensing, certificate, and permits to do roofing jobs. Check also their track record by asking their previous clients or reading about them in the Internet. You can also ask from around your neighborhood those who have hired roofers before for recommendations. Learn also how to identify roof scams so you won’t get ripped-off by them.

Filing an Insurance Claim

You need to file an insurance claim when having your roof replaced as this is included in the dwelling coverage of your home insurance policy. The insurance claim process includes inspection of the damages on your roof. You can do this on your own or hire a roofing contractor to climb your roof for an estimate. The insurance claim process also involves an appointment with your adjuster to discuss the damages with him. The adjuster would normally run a separate inspection on the damages and then write the first check to get the job started. A roofing company can help you go through the process. Keep in mind, though, that it is good that you understand the process and don’t miss out on any important detail. Keep a good communication between you and the contractor and the adjuster. Don’t also hesitate to raise any concerns.

Selecting the Roofing Material

Remember that you cannot just choose the roofing material that you want. You have to consider the location of your home, the climate, the slope and pitch of your roof, the life span of the roof, the architectural design of your house, and many more. You will be needing the assistance of your roofing contractor in choosing the right material for your roof. Asphalt shingles are the most economical of all roofing materials. They work on almost all roof designs. However, they have the shortest life span. On the contrary, metal roofing has a very long life span. It does not also need a lot of maintenance. It also proves to be the most durable of all the roofing materials. Meanwhile, slate roofs, despite their elegance, are known to be the slipperiest to walk on.


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