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Archive for August, 2012

How Can an Attic Ventilation System Fail

Posted on: August 31st, 2012 by Admin

Attic ventilation is responsible for the proper air flow in the living space of your house. If your attic ventilation system is not effective, you and your family will experience too much heat in the summer and too much cold in the winter. Regulating extreme temperatures is one of the most important functions of an effective attic ventilation system. The following are some reasons why your attic ventilation could fail.

Taking Ice Buildup for Granted

It is true that the attic reaches soaring temperatures during the summer, and this is the time that an attic ventilation system could work perfectly. However, do not be so focused on the summer months when designing your attic ventilation system.

In a cold weather, the greatest culprit for damages and rot in your roofing system is moisture. It is during this time that household members generate more water vapor than in summer. As you do household activities like cooking and bathing, water vapor rises to your attic and, when trapped, could cause rot and mold growth. Your attic ventilation is poor in winter when you notice too much condensation on your windows and recurrent mold growth on your walls and attic.

Ignoring Attic Bypasses

Attic bypasses are opening or gaps through which air can leak. If they are not sealed or insulated, they can cause excessive condensation in the attic and heat loss to the roof deck. The latter can further cause ice dams to form as the warm part of the attic will cause the snow to melt. Find attic bypasses in your attic and make sure they are sealed or insulated to prevent air from leaking unnecessarily. Common attic bypasses include plumbing vents, electrical boxes, lighting fixtures, and the attic hatch.

Too Much Exhaust Vents

Some homeowner have the notion that having more vents is better. However, you may not realize that if you use different types of exhaust vents on the same roof surface, the ventilation system will actually malfunction. To know how much roof vents should you have and the most appropriate types you should use for your house, consult a TN roofing expert.

Wrong Combination of Intake and Exhaust Vents

Intake and exhaust vents must work in perfect collaboration all the time. Otherwise, your attic ventilation system will never be effective; it will instead be the cause of excessive condensation in your attic, ice dams, energy loss, and other roofing problems. Keep in mind that intake vents—responsible for allowing fresh air to come in—and exhaust vents—flush warm air out of the house—always work hand in hand. Ask your TN roofing contractor about the right combination of intake and exhaust vents that should be installed in your house to ensure effective attic ventilation.

Proactive Roof Leak Prevention

Posted on: August 29th, 2012 by Admin

You have a leaky roof if you can see water marks on your ceilings or walls. However, you don’t have to wait for water marks to appear and for the rain to find out that your roof is leaking. You should hold regular check-up and maintenance on your roof to proactively prevent damages and roof problems like roof leaks to get worse.

To find out if you have a leaking roof, run down water on the roof surface by using a garden hose. While doing this, have an assistant watch the ceilings in your house for dripping water. Roofs leak when there are tiny openings on the roof surface that allow water to seep into the roof system. The most common culprits of roof leaks are nail holes, improperly installed flashings, roof penetrations, dormers, skylights, and anything that could allow small gaps on the roof surface. That is why, you need to regularly check up on your roof.

You can repair roof leaks on your own by employing quick solutions like caulk, sealants, and cement which seal or patch up the gaps or openings that are allowing rain water to seep through. If any of the flashings (chimneys, valleys, roof vents, etc.) are causing leaks, you can fasten them again into their proper place or replace them if they are already damaged. In some cases, shingles are also damaged and need to be replaced. You can use a sheet of galvanized metal to temporarily serve as the shingle replacement.

When fixing roof leaks on your own, observe safety precautions and prioritize your safety. Never climb up your roof when the surface is wet, when it is still raining, or when the wind is high. Wait for the roof surface to get completely dry before climbing up. Also, always wear a harness while you work up on your roof to avoid free falling.

Sometimes, roof leaks get complicated and quick fixes may not work. In such cases, you will be needing help from roofers in Nashville, TN. You need professional help from roofers in Nashville, TN when there are too many leaks or the leaks have already caused big damages or you have a ceramic tile roof which is difficult to repair. When hiring a roofer to fix the leaks and the damages for you, make sure to choose a legitimate and experienced one.

Roof leaks can cause your underlayment, roof frame, sidings, and insulation to rot. They stain your ceiling and walls, making them ugly and untidy. Leaks can also cause mold growth. You can avoid these consequences if you take proactive steps now to prevent or stop roof leaks. Proactively preventing roof leaks saves you money, time, and effort.

How to Save on Roofing Costs

Posted on: August 28th, 2012 by Admin

When the roof gets damaged, the homeowner would normally have two options to get it fixed: roof repair and roof replacement. However, both roofing jobs can be really expensive and homeowners who are on a tight budget may struggle to resort to either option. Don’t fret because here are some tips on how you can save on roofing costs.

Regular Roof Inspection

Climbing up your roof at least once a year for regular inspection and maintenance can do a lot to prevent you from resorting to more expensive roofing services. With a regular inspection, you can already see and repair damages before they get worse. It also allows you to clean up the roof surface and your gutters to slow down the deterioration of your roof and prolong its life.

Plan A: Roof Repair, Plan B: Roof Replacement

Learn how to assess roof damages and if you think they can still be fixed with simple repairs, then there is no need to have a new roof.

Having a new roof is not always the best solution to roof problems. Roof replacement is very expensive. However, if replacing your old roof with a new one is really necessary, choose wisely between the two options in replacing your roof: One is installing the new roof on top of the old one and the other includes tearing off the old roof before installing the new one. The latter would require you to hand out more cash for the labor cost.

Going DIY

It also pays to learn to do simple roof repairs on your own. You would not be needing the help of expert roofers in Knoxville, TN to get your roof fixed. Do-it-yourself roofing job can also save you cash as you won’t have to pay for any labor costs.

However, think about it carefully before opting to go solo on your roofing project. Do you know how to use the equipment properly? Are you confident to work on an elevated surface? Try evaluating yourself first if you can really do the job on your own and finish it well. If you are not confident, especially to climb up your roof and work up there, it is better to hire a contractor instead. Moreover, you will only have to spend more—and not even save at all—if you insist on doing it your own and just end up committing mistakes.

Hiring Expert Roofers

Expert roofers in Knoxville, TN vary in their pricing. Make sure that you get at least 3 estimates and compare them from each other before shaking hands with a contractor. If an estimate is too high, try to negotiate it down. Keep in mind to deal only with a legitimate contractor who has enough experience in the industry.

Wise Painting Tips for Homeowners

Posted on: August 24th, 2012 by Admin

Painting your house is not an easy job for a typical homeowner. However, you can do the job outstandingly by keeping the following tips below:

Choose the right paint colors. Choosing the colors to paint your house with could be one of the hardest part of the job for some homeowners. They couldn’t just decide what colors look best in their rooms. In choosing paint colors, you can use the basic color wheel or the color fan provided by paint manufacturers. Read also about the psychology of colors—what the colors mean and make us feel—to think of better ideas on how you want your rooms to look like. You can also find great ideas in lifestyle magazines and home improvement websites.

Buy sample cans. Before you buy gallons of paint, buy small sample cans of various paint colors first and test them on your wall. See how the paint colors look like in your room, when it is dark, and when it is hit by sunlight. Do not hesitate to shell out some cash on the sample cans because testing the paint will help you avoid making mistakes when you do the actual job. Homeowners who refuse to buy sample cans always have the tendency to end up buying more cans of paint to cover painting mistakes.

Diligently do the prep work. The prep work is a vital part of the house painting job. It may sometimes take a couple of days but the sweat is worth it especially when you do a well-done prep work. Prep work includes removing or covering wall and ceiling fixtures, cleaning walls, sidings, or ceilings, scraping off old paint, covering the floors with drop cloth, and more. These things are necessary to protect some parts of the house that are not meant to be painted and to achieve a successful painting job.

Use the right tools. The basic tools needed for a typical house painting job are the paint brushes, roller, putty knife, and masking tape. Paint brushes can be thin, wide, nylon, or natural. Rollers also come in variations and different sizes. When buying a paint brush or a roller, you can ask the hardware attendant about which paint brush or roller is appropriate for what purpose.

Ask for help. If you don’t have the time to paint your house on your own, you can always hire professional house painters to do the job for you. Roofing contractors Nashville, TN are one of the options you have. There are some roofing contractors Nashville, TN who have expert painters in their team and you can ask them for help. You can also perform a search online or ask for recommendations from your neighbors and friends.

Home Repair Tips After a Storm

Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by Admin

A fierce storm surely leaves a great deal of disaster to homes. Homeowners would have to stretch their arms and legs for a lot of repair and rebuilding work after it strikes. Well, repair and remodeling are obviously not simple tasks for ordinary homeowners—and not that budget-friendly too. The following tips and insights can be helpful for homeowners in restoring their homes after a storm.

Things to Consider

First thing that you would probably worry about when you see the damage that that storm has done to your home is the cash available to restore it. Setting your budget for this work would include expenses for the materials, tools, equipment, contractor, and other services needed. However, you don’t always have to shoulder the expenses. Pull out your insurance policy documents and review its coverage on home damages. Contact your insurance company and inquire about the coverage of the policy and the claim process. There are roofing contractors who could assist you in going through the insurance claim process.

Aside from the budget, you would also need to determine if you will be needing a roof repair Nashville specialist or opt to do-it-yourself repairs to fix the damages. Hiring a contractor is necessary when the damages are huge and complicated. Foe example, if a part of your roof was ripped off, that obviously needs reroofing. This kind of job is only done by professionals. Leave difficult and dangerous repairs to roof repair Nashville specialists.

BBB’s Warning

The Better Business Bureau has sent its warning to various states already regarding the influx of “storm chasers”, or simply fake roofers, into different neighborhoods after a storm strikes. These storm chasers would follow where a storm will probably hit. After it strikes, they would go door to door to offer their low cost repair, remodeling, and rebuilding services.

To avoid storm chasers, stop entertaining the roofer at your doorstep once he asks for an upfront payment. Legitimate roofers would not ask for a certain amount of money to be paid in advance. If some would do, the amount should not be more than 10% of the total job cost or $1, 000 or whichever is less. Get also at least three estimates from various contractors. Do not finalize a deal with one immediately without checking other options first, especially if he is just some roofer knocking on your door. Lastly, do not deal with a roofer who is unwilling to secure building permits or whose license has already expired. These roofers are obviously operating illegally.

Did You Know That Gutters Need Protection Too?

Posted on: August 22nd, 2012 by Admin

Gutters, sometimes referred to as rain gutters, work hand in hand with downspouts to ensure proper drainage system for your roof system. They basically collect rain water running down from the roof surface and channel it to the downspout which allows it to flow outside the house.

Gutters deteriorate and get damaged over time. Some of the common gutter problems are sagging, clogging, and cracking. Gutters sag when heavy snow collects on them and is not immediately removed. Sagging can also be caused by loose or missing fasteners. Meanwhile, leaves, asphalt shingle granules, and other debris clog gutters and even downspouts if they are not cleaned in a regular basis. Lastly, vinyl gutters can get so brittle in a dry climate which makes them vulnerable to cracks. Gutters with cracks cannot obviously serve its purpose well.

Homeowners tend to call up Nashville, TN roofers to fix problematic gutters. However, an innovative and effective solution to simple gutter problems is now available: gutter guards. Gutter guards have one basic function that is, to prevent debris from collecting in the gutters which can cause them to clog and not function well. There are several kinds of gutter guards from which you can choose. Some of them are enumerated below.

Mesh or Screens. These gutter guards prevent big debris from falling straight into the gutters which could eventually clog them. However, since they still have tiny holes which allow rain water to flow through, tiny debris could also still get in and can still cause clogging. Mesh or screen gutter guards are one of the least expensive types of gutter guards. More advanced models of this gutter guard type claim to protect your gutters even from the finest debris.

Reverse Curve. This type of gutter guard is usually made from vinyl. It channels water via its nose-like curve in its front so that only the water goes straight into the gutters, leaving out the leaves and other debris. However, like mesh guards, reverse curve can still allow small debris into the gutter as they can still flow with the water coming into the gutters.

Brush. Unlike other gutter guards, brush guards do not act as filters but barriers. They consist of stiff bristles and are inserted into the gutter from one end to the other. They block large debris from coming into the gutters while trap small debris in the bristles. Brush guards need to be removed regularly to shake off debris and dirt from them.

Although Nashville, TN roofers are a big help most of the time, you don’t have to keep on coming back for your problematic gutters. Gutter guards can protect and surely prolong the life of your gutters.

Getting Involved with Your Roofing Contractor’s Work

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Admin

You can’t always fix the problems in your house by yourself. There are times when it is necessary to hire a roofing Knoxville, TN contractor to do the work for you. However, you should make sure that the contractor you will be hiring is legitimate and experienced in the specific kind of job you need them to do. It is also important to get and stay involved with your contractor’s work throughout the project.

Establish good working relationship. It pays to be a nice customer; it makes the work environment for both you and the crew more pleasing. It also helps establish a good long-term working relationship with the contractor. There are many ways to be nice: Providing them necessities like a bathroom, water, and some snacks, being friendly to the crew members, or doing the prep work before they arrive. If you are able to establish a good relationship with the contractor, it will be easier to do business with them again in the future, provided that they have also worked excellently and professionally.

Pay only when the project is complete. This is important to remember. Whenever a contractor asks for a big payment in advance, start being skeptical about the contractor’s legitimacy. Roofing Knoxville, TN contractors are not supposed to demand payment that amounts to more than 10% of the total job cost before the project starts. Pay the full amount only after the final quality check is done.

Establish openness and transparency in communication. One of the reasons why a contractor-homeowner relationship fails is poor communication. As the homeowner, understand that you are not supposed to totally step back and leave everything into the contractor’s hand. Staying involved with the project—and that means being physically involved—is important. Meet up with the contractor and the other crew members for planning and decision-making. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, raise concerns, clarify details, or disagree with bad ideas.

Do quality checks. Don’t leave your home alone with the crew. If you are staying in a temporary place, make it a point to visit the site often. You need to see if the workers are doing the job well and following what’s in the plan. Moreover, if you see any problems, you would be able to bring them into the contractor’s attention immediately and have necessary adjustments made before it’s too late.

Pay attention to contract details. Do not sign the contract unless everything written in it is clear to you. Make sure that all the verbal agreements made are written down. Details such as payment schedule, project timeline, insurance coverage, materials and labor costs, and warranty are precise. If you have any concerns with the contract, discuss them with the contractor as soon as possible.

Got Old Windows? How About Window Replacement?

Posted on: August 16th, 2012 by Admin

It is already understood that windows deteriorate and may not function the same anymore over time. When you experience window problems, you either repair or replace your windows.

Considering Window Replacement

Window replacement is the best solution if your windows are not worth repairing anymore. Here are some signs that you need to replace your windows:

Ice buildup and condensation. If your windows are not properly insulated, ice will tend to collect on the windows and there could also be too much condensation. Well-insulated windows do not show these signs when there is a sudden change in the temperature.

Drafts. Try holding out a piece of tissue paper against the jambs. If the tissue moves as the wind blows outside, it means that your window is not airtight and apparently, poorly insulated. You can check the weatherstripping and replace it if it is already deteriorated.

Decay of wood framing. To check if the wood framing is already decaying, push your screwdriver through the wood. If the wood is already soft, it means that it is decaying already. Problems like this are really best solved by replacing the windows.

Stuck windows. Windows get stuck when paint has dried in the window channels.

High Energy Bill. Your windows are supposed to provide ventilation and insulation for your home. If you noticed that your windows are not airtight and your energy cost is kicking up, you need real energy-efficient windows.

Some of these problems can actually be fixed with simple repairs. However, if they keep on recurring, it is no longer wise to spend too much on several repairs.

Window Replacement as a Solution

There are more than a couple of factors to consider when resorting to window replacement. One is your budget. Obviously, having your window replaced with new ones is more expensive than just repairing the damages. Overall window replacement cost basically consists of the installation cost and the price of the windows depending on their material and type.

Another factor is the kind of new windows that you should now. For instance, if your old windows are already giving your house an outdated look, buy new windows that will complement the architectural style of you house. You can ask the window installer from a roofing company Nashville, TN for advice and suggestions. In addition, make sure to buy energy-efficient windows this time, the ones with the Energy Star label.

Hire or Do-it-yourself?

Yes, you can actually install new windows yourself. However, even if this saves money, it may also have disadvantages. If you haven’t installed windows before, consider hiring a roofing company Nashville, TN and have their window installers work it for you. You may be handing out extra cash for the labor but having window replacement professionally done is worth it.

Quick Guide to Hiring a Professional House Painter

Posted on: August 15th, 2012 by Admin

Painting a house is never easy. There are a lot of prep work that needs to be done. You should know the tools and equipment used for the project and how to use them. You should also learn the basic skills needed in painting a house. Doing it yourself is labor-intensive and time-consuming, especially if you keep on making mistakes. The best way to avoid these hassles is hire a professional painter. Below is a quick guide to finding the right one.

Find a legitimate house painting service. If this is your first time to hire a professional painter and you have no idea where to start looking, you can go old-school with the yellow pages or techie with the Internet. You can also ask for recommendations from friends, family, and neighbors. You can also contact roofing companies Nashville, TN as some of them also offer painting services. Some roofing companies Nashville, TN even offer window and siding services. Contact at least three painting service providers and compare their quotes.

Hire an experienced painter. The experience of the professional painter you are about to hire in doing the specific house painting job that you need is important. If you want faux painting done on your rooms, make sure that the painter is experienced in doing faux painting. In general, it is also ideal to hire a house panting services provider that has more years of experience in the industry.

Have a plan. Before even calling up professional painters, plan everything already from the project’s timeline to the color of paints and painting styles. Know also the various types of paint and finishes and which ones are appropriate for your home. You can also ask the painter to suggest paint colors, type, and styles that he thinks will look best for you home.

Do the prep work that you can. Prep work takes at least two days, especially if you’re having your entire house painted. Remove or cover all wall and ceiling fixtures, scrape off old paint, power wash sidings, or lay drop cloths on the floors before the painter or painters come over.

All agreements must be in writing. The contract is very important in your working relationship with the painter. It must include all the costs, materials, and tasks involved in the project. All agreements must be clearly stated. Do not sign the contract unless you’re cool with everything written in it. Do not hesitate to negotiate anything that seems unfair, ambiguous, or unreasonable.

Common Flat Roof Problems

Posted on: August 14th, 2012 by Admin

Flat roof systems are more often seen on buildings than on houses. However, flat roofs are also becoming popular now on houses built in modern architectural designs. Flat roofs are basically characterized by having no slopes. If you are a building owner or a homeowner having a flat roof over your head, know that flat roofs are not exempted from roof problems. Here are some of them.

Leaks. Leaks are common to all types of roof. They are mainly caused by water seeping through small openings or underneath the roof material. Roof leaks can lead to greater damages if not repaired immediately. It can cause the roof layers to deteriorate or rot. For most building owners and homeowners, resorting to the ultimate solution that is, roof replacement, is deemed the best way to resolve roof leak problems. However, it is more practical to try simple repairs first, either by yourself or with the help of a roof repair Nashville, TN specialist, before getting a new roof. Look for the source of leaks. The most common ones are roof penetrations, such as skylights and vent pipes, and flashings. A good way to solve the roof leak problem on flat roofs is installing a tapered insulation.

Blistering. Sometimes, small and big bumps or bubbles can be seen on flat roof surfaces. These are signs that your flat roof is blistering and that you indeed have a roof problem. The surface is blistering because there is water trapped underneath which has caused the roof membrane to detach from the other layers. If this is not attended immediately, it can cause the roof structure to rot.

Standing Water. Flat roofs always have the tendency to collect water. Unlike with sloped roofs, flat roofs have no slopes that can cause rain water to drip down to the gutters. A flat roof doesn’t give the water any direction to which it can flow away from its surface. Often, standing water on a flat roof is left to evaporate within 72 hours. If the water has not yet evaporated after 72 hours, it can start seeping underneath the roofing material and cause rot and quick deterioration of roof layers. It can also cause water damage inside the house or building.

Other causes of flat roof problems include the use of poor quality products, improperly installed flashings, lack of maintenance, improper repairs, and poor installation of the roof itself. To avoid experiencing the problems mentioned above, make sure to only hire a licensed, legitimate, and professional roofer to install the most appropriate type of roof for your home or building. If there are damages needed to be fixed, call a roof repair Nashville, TN expert to ensure a quality roofing work.

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