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Fixing Common Gutter Troubles

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by Admin

Gutters are important in a house’s roofing system because they mainly function to keep rain water away from the roof surface and the house’s foundation. Without gutters, rain waters dripping from the roof surface can spill all over the place which could cause water damage to the house’s exterior and foundation. If you are having some troubles with your gutters, roofers in Nashville are the right people to contact for help. However, let’s see first if you can fix some of them yourself.

Clogged Gutters. Leaves and other debris that collect in uncovered gutters are the common culprits for clogged gutters. If you don’t clean your gutters regularly, your gutters would really get clogged because of too much leaves and debris that are in it already. A modern and effective solution for this is gutter guards or gutter protection. These are materials used to prevent leaves and other debris from falling straight into the gutter. Their function is much like that of filters, allowing only water to proceed to the gutters. Moreover, to make sure that your gutters won’t clog anymore, clean the gutter guards and the gutters regularly.

Leaking Gutters. You may be wondering why your gutters fail in channeling water when you are certain that they are properly installed and not sagging. The reason could be that there are holes in your gutters. To check for holes, run down water through the gutter by using a garden hose and observe where the water exits along the gutter. You can caulk these holes or put sealants on them, but if they are too many, have new ones installed already.

Rusty Gutters. Galvanized metal is one of the common gutter materials used probably because they are the most affordable. However, metal gutter are susceptible to rust and they will indeed corrode as they deteriorate. But you can delay this process and prolong the life of your metal gutters by heavily applying elastic roofing cement, asphalt-based compound, or smokestack paint on them to prevent corrosion.

Retired Gutters. Gutters deteriorate over time and as they near the end of their life spans, the problems and damages get more severe and unrepairable by simple repairs. In such cases, call up roofers in Nashville to get some advice about what better gutter material you should now install. Make sure that you choose a better material this time so it will last longer. You can also ask roofers to install the new gutters for you and make sure that they will be properly installed.

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