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How Can an Attic Ventilation System Fail

Posted on: August 31st, 2012 by Admin

Attic ventilation is responsible for the proper air flow in the living space of your house. If your attic ventilation system is not effective, you and your family will experience too much heat in the summer and too much cold in the winter. Regulating extreme temperatures is one of the most important functions of an effective attic ventilation system. The following are some reasons why your attic ventilation could fail.

Taking Ice Buildup for Granted

It is true that the attic reaches soaring temperatures during the summer, and this is the time that an attic ventilation system could work perfectly. However, do not be so focused on the summer months when designing your attic ventilation system.

In a cold weather, the greatest culprit for damages and rot in your roofing system is moisture. It is during this time that household members generate more water vapor than in summer. As you do household activities like cooking and bathing, water vapor rises to your attic and, when trapped, could cause rot and mold growth. Your attic ventilation is poor in winter when you notice too much condensation on your windows and recurrent mold growth on your walls and attic.

Ignoring Attic Bypasses

Attic bypasses are opening or gaps through which air can leak. If they are not sealed or insulated, they can cause excessive condensation in the attic and heat loss to the roof deck. The latter can further cause ice dams to form as the warm part of the attic will cause the snow to melt. Find attic bypasses in your attic and make sure they are sealed or insulated to prevent air from leaking unnecessarily. Common attic bypasses include plumbing vents, electrical boxes, lighting fixtures, and the attic hatch.

Too Much Exhaust Vents

Some homeowner have the notion that having more vents is better. However, you may not realize that if you use different types of exhaust vents on the same roof surface, the ventilation system will actually malfunction. To know how much roof vents should you have and the most appropriate types you should use for your house, consult a TN roofing expert.

Wrong Combination of Intake and Exhaust Vents

Intake and exhaust vents must work in perfect collaboration all the time. Otherwise, your attic ventilation system will never be effective; it will instead be the cause of excessive condensation in your attic, ice dams, energy loss, and other roofing problems. Keep in mind that intake vents—responsible for allowing fresh air to come in—and exhaust vents—flush warm air out of the house—always work hand in hand. Ask your TN roofing contractor about the right combination of intake and exhaust vents that should be installed in your house to ensure effective attic ventilation.

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