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How to Achieve a Phenomenal House Painting Disaster

Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 by Admin

Many homeowners think that painting your own house is easy or can be learned overnight. What they don’t realize is that the house painting job needs a lot of preparation, having good painting skills, and the use of right tools to achieve an excellent paint job. Here’s how others achieved a different thing for their homes—a disastrous house painting job.

1. Pick the wrong color.

This is one of the most common problems faced by homeowners, whether or not they are painting their house on their own or having a professional do it. Some homeowners are just indecisive about what color scheme to use. Sadly, some of them did not arrive at a good decision until it is too late and ended up ruining their curb appeal or house interior paint.

Choosing colors from the color wheel or fan from the paint store is not enough. Buy small sample cans (It is better to spend on these now than on several gallons of paint to cover your numerous paint mistakes.) instead and try the colors out on small portions of your walls. See how the colors look when the light is out and when there is sunlight and which sets the mood that you want. Understand also the psychology of colors such as red stimulates appetite; blue calms and tranquilizes; green is the color of nature; and yellow is the color of delight. You can also flip some pages of home magazines or browse websites for ideas.

2. Paint right away to save time. Prep work is not necessary.

This is a lie. Prep work is important and that is why it usually takes more than a day to do. Preparation includes cleaning the surfaces that will be painted, removing old paint, gathering furniture into the center of the room, covering wall and ceiling fixtures, covering the floor with drop cloth, cutting in, caulking cracks and holes, doing minor repairs, and more. If you are doing exterior painting and your sidings are badly damaged, have them replaced already instead of repainting them.

3. Do it yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with painting your house yourself especially if you really know how. But for many homeowners who are not confident about doing it or haven’t even tried laying a paint brush on their walls, it is better that they hire a professional. Some roofing Nashville, TN companies do not only offer roofing services but they can also paint your home. Make sure that the roofing Nashville, TN that you will hire has already an experience in house painting jobs. In addition, doing it yourself could only lead to repetitive mistakes and could cost you even more money and energy.

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