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How to Deal With Common Contractor Problem

Posted on: July 31st, 2012 by Admin

You cannot expect to always have a smooth working relationship with a roofing Clarksville, TN contractor. Sometimes, problems arise and if you experience one, you should know how to handle the situation. Here are some of the common problems you might encounter with a contractor and how to deal with them:

Additional Costs Due to Unanticipated Conditions

Unanticipated conditions refer to rot, termite, damages, and the like which were not observed by the contractor before starting with the project and which are also the reasons why he would ask the homeowner to pay for extra work. The truth is, the homeowner is never to blame for such negligence and he is not supposed to pay for the extra expenses. If you encounter this problem, try to talk to the contractor about it or you can just call off the project.


It is important that a roofing Clarksville, TN contractor keeps his promise of starting and getting the job done right on time. However, if you experience delays in construction, you should bring the problem to the contractor’s attention. Ask for a clear explanation about the causes of delay. To avoid this problem, always ask contractors to create a schedule of all the tasks that they need to do and the time and date when they can start and finish each task.

Shocking Alterations in the Plan

There are some contractors, architects, or designers that would do away with some parts of the plan and proceed on doing what they believe is better. This may not be a problem at all for some homeowners but it is the opposite to those who might not like the changes. To avoid this problem, gather the team before the project is started and tell them to just stick with the plan.

What to Do

First, hire the best roofing Clarksville, TN contractor you could possibly find. Ask for recommendations, search online, check out lists of licensed contractors, and get at least 3 bids (as the Better Business Bureau suggests). Interview your prospect contractors about their experience and track record. Make sure to hire a legitimate contractor.

Second, establish good communication between you and the contractor by meeting with the core people of the team regularly, especially when planning the project. Make sure that all agreements are well understood.

Lastly, read the contract thoroughly before signing it. A well-written contract must have complete contact information of the contractor, payment schedule, materials and labor involved in the project, building permits, contractor’s licensing and insurance, and warranties from the manufacturers and the contractor.

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