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How to Fail on Wood Siding Painting

Posted on: August 2nd, 2012 by Admin

House painting can be fun but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy to do. The difficulty of the job depends on the surface material that you will be painting on. Sidings made of wood are the ones that need frequent repainting the most compared with other siding materials. However, many homeowners fail in painting their wood sidings and wonder why the paint seems not to last. The fact is many homeowners overlook a lot of details when they do house painting jobs. If you want to be successful in your endeavor, avoid the following mistakes.

1. Painting on wet wood.

This is an important point to remember. Wood absorb moisture and when it gets saturated, it is not just the perfect surface to paint on. Many homeowners do not realize this but painting on wet wood is a futile effort. The paint would get easily deteriorated and not last for long. Thus, consider the weather when painting your house and paint only in a bright sunny weather when the wind is not blowing strong and when there is no rain or snow. Make sure that the surface is completely dry before applying paint on it.

2. Painting on dirty wood siding.

You can’t just paint on a surface right away. Clean the surface first before applying paint. Power wash it to remove the dirt and the loose paint. Scrape off old paint and stubborn dirt. Sand to smooth the surface before applying the new paint. If you want the paint to last, make sure you apply it on a clean surface.

3. Painting on mildew.

If you notice that there is some mildew or mold growth on your wood sidings, you can’t just patch them up and hide them with a new paint. Get rid of them instead. Mildew and mold are fungi that grow in damp areas or places where there is moisture. If they are not removed, they would not only give your house an ugly look but would also cause the wood to rot eventually.

4. Painting below the recommended minimum temperature.

Do you read the labels on your cans of paint before opening them? It must be indicated there the minimum temperature at which a certain type of paint must be painted. For example, latex paint should only be used when the temperature is at least 50°F while 40°F for oil-based paint.

In summary, observe proper preparation and conditions before painting your wood sidings to make the paint last. Always prepare the wood surface before applying a new paint. If your wood sidings are rotten or there are large cracks already, it is better to replace than to repaint them. Seek advice from a roofing company Nashville, TN if you are replacing your sidings. A roofing company Nashville, TN can guide you into choosing the most appropriate material that’s right for your house and budget.

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