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Out With the Old Paint, In With a Fresh Coat

Posted on: September 12th, 2012 by Admin

If you have just moved in, for instance, and the house has been in the neighborhood since the 70’s, you might want to take a look at its exterior paint. It might still look good at first glance but most of the time, it is already deteriorated and repainting is needed. In such cases, stripping the cladding bare is necessary before a fresh coat of paint is applied.

There are more than a couple of ways to remove the old paint from a house’s exterior: grinding, burning, and using chemicals. Grinding is the process of removing the old paint using a power sander disk or a clapboard sander. With the help of such tools, stripping the old paint is easy and fast. However, this method often works best in clapboard sidings and may occasionally scar wood surfaces if not used carefully.

The other method, burning, involves using heat to remove the old paint. Like grinding, it is also a fast and inexpensive way of stripping old paint. However, there is risk of fire especially when an ember is left under a clapboard. Thus, be very cautious when employing this method. However, a tool called infrared heat allows for a safer method of removing old paint. It works faster than other burning methods but it is not that widely available.

Lastly, using chemicals to strip the old paint is more expensive than the previous methods already described. Most TN roofing contractors would also agree that there is too much hassle employing this method, considering that some do not work. Methylene chloride is the most powerful chemical and peels off old paint quickly. However, you need to put on some protective wear for safety.

The New Color

Picking the new color for your house can be tricky. Most homeowners get indecisive at this point. To get some ideas on how you want your new home to look like, check out home improvement or lifestyle magazines and websites. Experiment also on various colors and shades to come up with the perfect color scheme that you want.

If you already have colors in your shortlist, buy small sample cans and paint the colors on different parts of your house. As you consider the lighting, see how they look on your house. You can do this test with your TN roofing or paint contractor so that he can also give some suggestions on what type of paint you should buy, how many gallons, and the right colors to pick.

Before you start applying a fresh coat of paint on your house’s exterior, make sure that the siding surfaces are clean, patched up or repaired, smooth, and dry. Otherwise, your paint job will not be successful or the paint will not last for long. Make sure also that the weather is perfect for a house painting job.

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