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Planning a House Paint Job Like a Pro

Posted on: September 7th, 2012 by Admin

If you are thinking about repainting your home, you need at least more than a month to start making plans. Planning a house painting job early is wise because by doing so, you have more time to choose colors, learn various painting techniques, buy equipment that you need, and accomplish a well-done prep work. Here are some tips on how to do carefully plan a house paint job:

Understanding Colors

Choosing paint colors is where homeowners get indecisive most of the time. To avoid this dilemma on having to spend so much time picking the colors you want for your house, start studying the color wheel. The color wheel features primary and secondary colors. Primary colors are blue, red, and yellow. Blends of these three colors are called secondary colors namely, orange, violet, and green. Meanwhile, analogous colors are those that are positioned side-by-side in the color wheel. Contemporary colors sit opposite each other which, when combined, produces a striking effect. When you already understand these basics, you can start playing with various combinations of colors and create your own color schemes.

Considering Your Preferences

Colors are great instruments of expressions and you cannot successfully create color schemes without considering what you want. Do you want warm colors for your room? Do you think neutral colors will look good in your living room? Are you cool with black? Answering such questions will help you come up with your final plan on how you want your rooms to look like. Stylists say that in most cases, homeowners painting their home their way achieves an impressive result without having to study much about color selection. You can also read about the psychology of colors to understand what each color says about you and your home.

Documenting Light

Light greatly affects how a paint color would look like in your rooms. Documenting light directions in your room can help you decide what color should you paint a room with. Buy small sample paint cans of the paint colors you like and paint them on a wall in a room. You can take photographs of how the paint color looks like in the absence of light and when it is hit by sunlight.

Working the Prep Work

Do the prep work at least 2 days before the actual painting job. This will allow you to do everything that needs to be done without being in a hurry and missing out on some details. If you are having a Tennessee roofing contractor come over to do the job for you, finish the prep work before they come. And just a piece of advice: Make sure to hire only a legitimate Tennessee roofing contractor.

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