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Fixing Common Gutter Troubles

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by Admin

Gutters are important in a house’s roofing system because they mainly function to keep rain water away from the roof surface and the house’s foundation. Without gutters, rain waters dripping from the roof surface can spill all over the place which could cause water damage to the house’s exterior and foundation. If you are having some troubles with your gutters, roofers in Nashville are the right people to contact for help. However, let’s see first if you can fix some of them yourself.

Clogged Gutters. Leaves and other debris that collect in uncovered gutters are the common culprits for clogged gutters. If you don’t clean your gutters regularly, your gutters would really get clogged because of too much leaves and debris that are in it already. A modern and effective solution for this is gutter guards or gutter protection. These are materials used to prevent leaves and other debris from falling straight into the gutter. Their function is much like that of filters, allowing only water to proceed to the gutters. Moreover, to make sure that your gutters won’t clog anymore, clean the gutter guards and the gutters regularly.

Leaking Gutters. You may be wondering why your gutters fail in channeling water when you are certain that they are properly installed and not sagging. The reason could be that there are holes in your gutters. To check for holes, run down water through the gutter by using a garden hose and observe where the water exits along the gutter. You can caulk these holes or put sealants on them, but if they are too many, have new ones installed already.

Rusty Gutters. Galvanized metal is one of the common gutter materials used probably because they are the most affordable. However, metal gutter are susceptible to rust and they will indeed corrode as they deteriorate. But you can delay this process and prolong the life of your metal gutters by heavily applying elastic roofing cement, asphalt-based compound, or smokestack paint on them to prevent corrosion.

Retired Gutters. Gutters deteriorate over time and as they near the end of their life spans, the problems and damages get more severe and unrepairable by simple repairs. In such cases, call up roofers in Nashville to get some advice about what better gutter material you should now install. Make sure that you choose a better material this time so it will last longer. You can also ask roofers to install the new gutters for you and make sure that they will be properly installed.

Proactive Roof Leak Prevention

Posted on: August 29th, 2012 by Admin

You have a leaky roof if you can see water marks on your ceilings or walls. However, you don’t have to wait for water marks to appear and for the rain to find out that your roof is leaking. You should hold regular check-up and maintenance on your roof to proactively prevent damages and roof problems like roof leaks to get worse.

To find out if you have a leaking roof, run down water on the roof surface by using a garden hose. While doing this, have an assistant watch the ceilings in your house for dripping water. Roofs leak when there are tiny openings on the roof surface that allow water to seep into the roof system. The most common culprits of roof leaks are nail holes, improperly installed flashings, roof penetrations, dormers, skylights, and anything that could allow small gaps on the roof surface. That is why, you need to regularly check up on your roof.

You can repair roof leaks on your own by employing quick solutions like caulk, sealants, and cement which seal or patch up the gaps or openings that are allowing rain water to seep through. If any of the flashings (chimneys, valleys, roof vents, etc.) are causing leaks, you can fasten them again into their proper place or replace them if they are already damaged. In some cases, shingles are also damaged and need to be replaced. You can use a sheet of galvanized metal to temporarily serve as the shingle replacement.

When fixing roof leaks on your own, observe safety precautions and prioritize your safety. Never climb up your roof when the surface is wet, when it is still raining, or when the wind is high. Wait for the roof surface to get completely dry before climbing up. Also, always wear a harness while you work up on your roof to avoid free falling.

Sometimes, roof leaks get complicated and quick fixes may not work. In such cases, you will be needing help from roofers in Nashville, TN. You need professional help from roofers in Nashville, TN when there are too many leaks or the leaks have already caused big damages or you have a ceramic tile roof which is difficult to repair. When hiring a roofer to fix the leaks and the damages for you, make sure to choose a legitimate and experienced one.

Roof leaks can cause your underlayment, roof frame, sidings, and insulation to rot. They stain your ceiling and walls, making them ugly and untidy. Leaks can also cause mold growth. You can avoid these consequences if you take proactive steps now to prevent or stop roof leaks. Proactively preventing roof leaks saves you money, time, and effort.

Common Gutter Problems

Posted on: July 16th, 2012 by Admin

Gutters are important components in a house’s drainage system. They are mainly responsible for channeling water away from the foundation of your house. Critical damages and problems may arise if the flow of rain water is not diverted from and instead comes gushing toward the foundation. Below are some common gutter problems and ideas on how you can fix them.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters get clogged if there are too much debris, leaves, or asphalt shingle granules in them. Since water cannot flow freely, it gets stuck and standing water could cause mosquitoes to proliferate. Too much debris, if not removed, can also become sludge over time and could deteriorate metal gutters.

Make sure that your gutters are always clean by checking them regularly. Remove all the debris and then flush water through it by using a garden hose to see if water is already flowing smoothly. You can also install gutter covers such as mesh screens to prevent debris from clogging the gutters. You can do repairs and cleaning on your own or hire roofers in Nashville if you are not confident to work on a ladder.

Warping Gutters

Deteriorating gutters warp or get distorted over time. Hangers and fasteners would also come loose, causing the gutter to eventually pull away from the edge of the roof. Repair warping gutters by removing the old hangers and fasteners and replacing them with new ones. You may also have to replace some sections of your gutters. However, there are some types of gutters, like the seamless ones, which cannot be replaced by sections. In such case, you would need to hire a roofing expert to do the job.

Leaky Gutters

Holes and loose joints in gutters can cause leaks. This is dangerous as it can wet the foundation and sidings of your house and cause water damage. To find out if you have leaky gutters, run down water through the troughs and observe the areas where water leaks. Caulk or seal holes and joints with gutter sealant to stop the leaks. Make sure to do this during a dry weather so the caulk or sealant can dry completely.

To avoid gutter problems, make sure that you always inspect and clean your gutters regularly. Flushing water through them by using a garden hose is the simplest way to check if there are any problems with your gutters. When cleaning or doing some repairs on your gutters, consider safety especially when climbing a ladder. If you are not confident about working on a ladder, you can ask roofers in Nashville to do the job instead.

The Problem With Ice Dams and How to Stop It

Posted on: June 29th, 2012 by Admin

Ice dams are structures of ice formed by melting snow that froze again along the edges of a roof. They form when a warm attic causes the snow on the roof surface near it to melt, dripping down to the lower part of the roof where it is colder. The melting snow then freezes again, becoming an ice dam. There seems to be no problem with this. However, the process would repeat into a cycle and when it does, the melting snow from the top roof surface and the ice dams will trap water between them. The water would then seep underneath the shingles and then to the roof sheathing and framing, ceiling, and then to walls, causing more problematic roof leaks.

The main problem for the formation of ice dams is the warming of the attic which results from heat loss caused by inadequate insulation. The very good solution to prevent this from happening next winter is to keep your roof cold. How is that going to be possible?

The heat loss from inadequate insulation is because of air leaks. Air leaks could come from chimneys, plumbing pipes, light fixtures, and the like. In preparing your roof for winter and in keeping it cool, go up to your attic before snow storm comes and seal all these openings with caulk or foam.

Ventilators or vents can also help in keeping the roof cold. Install roof vents, ridge vents, and soffit vents before winter comes. Vents allow the cold air to enter and release the air coming from the attic.

If these, and other techniques of keeping the roof cold, did not work, you can instead use an aluminum rake to remove the snow from the upper part of the roof surface to prevent it from melting down and forming ice dams. However, remember not to do this while you are stepping on a ladder.

If you need assistance to some of these fixes, hire one of the best Nashville, TN roofers and have them install more effective insulation and ventilation for you roof. Also, if you are getting a new roof for your home, tell them to make sure that your new roofing system is effective against ice dams and other roof leak problems this time. You can refer to the websites of BBB and NRCA for lists of legitimate and registered Nashville, TN roofers.

Homeowners like you should be on the alert during winter as dealing with roof leaks caused by ice dams is always possible to happen. Moreover, act on the problem right away as roof leaks can lead to more serious water damage and could require you to spend a huge amount of money for repairs.

Maximizing the Pool of Roofers in Nashville

Posted on: June 13th, 2012 by Admin

The city of Nashville in Tennessee has experienced many severe weather conditions for the past few years, and it is but likely that preventive precautions are necessary for ensuring the safety of your home. Nashville, TN roofers seem to have a solution to this. Such companies engaged in the roofing industry are vastly available throughout the whole state.

Nashville, TN roofers basically offer roofing services. They cater to the exterior of your homes; doing renovations, remodeling and restoration of your damaged roofs. Some offer preventive maintenance programs to keep the quality of your roof. You can also request for estimates on the damages and the materials needed for your roof. You can also consult with roofers about choosing the roof design, materials, and system.

Some offer cheap roofing services while others have quite expensive rates. In any case, you should know how to choose the one that will really give your roof what it needs. Here are a few tips on how you can choose the best from Nashville, TN roofers.

The very first thing you have to consider is the service that you need. What is really the problem? Does your roof need repairs or replacement? There a lot of roofing companies that specialize in restoration. Others know roof designs well. There are also roof companies who really pull off roof replacement jobs. Know what your roof needs and choose the roofing company that specialize in that particular roofing job.

You must also ensure that the company is properly licensed and has liability insurance. It is, by no means, necessary so you can be assured that you are leaving the safety of your home in good hands. Licensed roofing companies must also be able to present their certificate and permits to you before they start the job.

Consider also the warranties included in a roofing company’s services. Roofing materials that will be used in the project should have a warranty called manufacturer’s warranty. And as you may assume, the cheaper the material, the shorter the warranty. Meanwhile, the work of the crew should also have a warranty called workmanship or roofing contractor’s warranty. Roofers should provide this warranty to make sure that the installations and the work that they did were accurately done.

Do not also forget to get estimates from different roofing companies. It is by comparing the estimates that you can arrive at the best decision. The Better Business Bureau suggests that a homeowner should get at least 3 estimates.

When all these things have been taken into consideration, make a wise decision from there. Choose the one that offers the best quality of work and the most competitive price. Work only with legit Nashville ,TN roofers.

Stay Away from Bad Roofers

Posted on: June 7th, 2012 by Admin

The Better Business Bureau had given its warning to homeowners in Nashville against bad roofers who are lying in wait for victims in neighborhoods especially after a storm. They are often called storm chasers who can easily dress up like a professional roofer and bring with him some roofing tools and materials. They would often knock on your door to offer you roof repair services at a low price. This is only one instance of roof scams but unscrupulous contractors know more tricks. To avoid being defrauded by such roofers Nashville, keep the following reminders in mind.

Have Your Own Roof Inspection

After a storm, it is better that you climb your roof first for inspection before calling a roofing contractor to come over. Doing roof inspection independently allows you to see for yourself how much damage your roof has and the repairs needed. Take note of these things for reference. When climbing your roof, ensure your safety by placing the ladder on a level and solid ground, using rubber-soled shoes to avoid falling from the roof, and having someone to work with and watch for you.

Never Pay Upfront

Never pay a contractor in full right away. Legitimate roofers Nashville do not ask for the full payment in advance. Some require a certain amount as deposit but you should not pay more than 30% of the total cost for it. If the roofer persistently demands you to pay in full outright, find another contractor. Pay the full cost only after the work has been completed.

Research About the Contractor

Be skeptical of roofers knocking on your door, especially after a storm, as they often turn out to be scam artists. Before you let such roofers climb your roof, make sure that they are legitimate. To make sure that a contractor is legitimate, check their licensing, certificate, and permits. Legitimate roofers are certified to do roofing jobs and are licensed by Tennessee’s Department of Commerce. You can check their website for license search tips. You can also visit the websites of BBB and NRCA or National Roofing Contractors Association to find out if the contractor is a registered business and for some guidance. Moreover, legitimate contractors have permanent office address.

Get Everything in Writing

When you get estimates, make sure that you get them in writing. Estimates must include the type and manufacturer of materials that will be used, labor involved, time that the project would be started and finished, and the approximate overall roofing cost. Get at least 3 to 4 estimates from various roofing contractors, as BBB advises. Moreover, make sure that all terms and conditions agreed upon by your contractor and you are all written in a contract. The contract must also include details about warranties and insurance. More importantly, make sure that you read and understand the contract before signing it.

Agents of Hope: Benefits of Hiring Roofers in Nashville, TN

Posted on: June 5th, 2012 by Admin

Homes are important to every person in this world and as they shelter people from natural disasters and severe weather conditions, so they must also be protected and maintained. Nashville, the Music City of Tennessee, is one of the cities in the state that had experienced major weather disturbances and calamities in the past years. To cite a few, Nashville has experienced severe snow storm in 2003 and major flooding in 2010. Such disasters are inevitable and in most cases, they can badly damage and wreck roofs even if homeowners have made every effort to maintain and prepare their roofs.

This is where roofers in Nashville, TN come into scene as people would need their help to restore their roofs. Hiring the services of roofers in Nashville, TN is a necessity because they are the only people who could expertly restore roofs and perform complicated roof repairs after a disaster. With that, homeowners get to save more time and money than trying to do the job on their own and ending up committing a lot of mistakes and spending too much on inappropriate roofing materials. Moreover, letting professional roofers do the job ensures the safety of homeowners and their family members while the job is being done. They have the right tools and gears to protect themselves from any accidents or injuries.

Although roofers in Nashville, TN, who are knowledgeable about roofs and who are deemed the only hope to restore homes after a disaster, are helpful and significant, homeowners should still be aware of fraudulent roofing practices. Nashville is not immune to bogus roofers or storm chasers knocking on the residents’ doors. Roofing scam artists often offer cheap warranties and services and assert fake insurance. They do not also have a permanent office.

To avoid being defrauded by these rip-off artists, homeowners should research about the legitimate roofers in Nashville, TN by checking out the website of Better Business Bureau (BBB) and see if a roofing contractor is a registered business. Homeowners can also check with the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) which calls homeowners to make sure that the roofing contractor they are working with are certified, licensed, and insured.

In hiring professional roofers, homeowners should not be in a hurry in choosing the right one. They should ask their prospective roofers some important questions to make sure that they have enough experience and appropriate licensing and certificates. Moreover, all agreements must be in writing.

Hiring professional roofers has indeed a lot of benefits for homeowners. However, the reason why professional roofers are significant is because they are the ones who can bring back a home to being a safe and peaceful shelter again after a disaster.

Things You Might be Missing Out When Choosing a Roofing Company

Posted on: June 4th, 2012 by Admin

Working with roofing companies Nashville, TN does not simply involve choosing the right one. It also requires you to investigate and ensure the roofing company’s legitimacy and credibility. There are some things that are important to consider and understand when choosing a roofing company which are often overlooked by homeowners. These are the insurance and warranties involved, estimates, permits, certificates, license, and scams.

Roofing companies must have insurance policy for their workers. Otherwise, you will be liable for any injuries or accidents that might occur during the project. Roofing contractors must also provide, especially in the contract, the warranties of the manufacturer and the contractor. The manufacturer’s warranty covers any damages on the materials used for your roof, while the contractor’s warranty covers any workmanship problems by the contractor.

Next is estimates. Sometimes called a project quote, an estimate contains the approximate roofing cost, the materials that will be used, and the labor involved. The Better Business Bureau or BBB advises homeowners to get at least 3 estimates from various contractors before settling with one. This is to ensure that you get the most cost-efficient offer. According to BBB, an estimate must be in written form and must include the manufacturer and type of materials that will be used, a schedule of tasks needed to be accomplished for the project, warranties and insurance, extra charges, and the estimated overall cost.

Many homeowners also often forget that roofing companies must have the proper permits, license and certificate to operate as such. These documents are proofs that a roofing company is reliable and professional. A roofing company must also be knowledgeable about the required permits and license that need to be secured in your city or state before starting a project. To ensure that a roofing company is licensed, you can perform a search in Tennessee’s Department of Commerce and Insurance website. Check the status of the license and make sure that it is not yet expired. When it comes to certificates, you can ask for a proof from the roofing company that they are certified by the state to do roofing jobs.

Lastly, roofing scams do exist and you have to be careful. The most obvious sign of a roofing scam is when someone comes knocking on your door after a storm, or sometimes in just a random day, and offers you roof repairs at a cut rate. Moreover, they would ask for cash payment upfront even if the work hasn’t been started yet. Legitimate roofing companies Nashville, TN do not practice such. You have to familiarize yourself then with different fraudulent roofing schemes so you won’t get ripped-off.

In other words, do enough research when choosing a roofing company. You can check out helpful resources like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), National Roofing Contractors Association (NCRA), and BBB.

The Importance of Gutter Maintenance

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by Admin

Gutters are important components of roof systems. These are the troughs that hang from the overhanging edge of a roof. Their main job is to catch the rainwater pouring down from the roof to lead it away from the foundations of the house. A gutter system has three basic parts: the hanger, or the fixed metal strips where the gutter hangs; the trough itself; and the downspout, or the vertical pipe where the rainwater flows down towards the ground.

When you get your roof installed by roofers in Nashville, TN, they will also install a rainwater gutter system. Aside from rainwater, a gutter system also collects leaves, twigs and other debris that fall down from the roof. When these things accumulate, it can lead to clogging and water buildup.

You do not want your gutters to get clogged because dry leaves and twigs are potential fire hazards during the dry season. Debris in the gutters can also block drains during the rainy season. When your gutters are obstructed, there is a risk of rainwater flowing inside the cavities of the roof which can cause water damage to the interior and exterior walls. Debris and stagnant water can also cause metallic gutters to corrode and become rusty. If this happens, you will need to contact roofers in Nashville, TN to get your damaged gutters replaced.

When a gutter contains stagnant water, it can be a perfect breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes. Pests are also attracted to the warm and moist environment of clogged gutters, so not only will you have gutter problems, you will also have vermin problems as well.

You can clean your gutters once in a while but you must also get it cleaned by professional rainwater gutter cleaners at least once a year. Fortunately, there are a lot of roofing companies in Nashville that can help you with this. Aside from installing, cleaning and repairing roofs, roofers in Nashville, TN also install, clean and repair gutters. Aside from these jobs, they can also give you advice on how to do proper gutter maintenance on a regular basis as well.

According to roofing contractors, the best time to clean your rainwater gutter is in the spring or late fall. If you are going to clean it in late fall, make sure that the trees around your house have already shed their leaves. You can contact your friendly neighborhood roofers in Nashville, TN for more details about gutter systems and maintenance.

Roof Check Up: Do You Need Roofing Services Already?

Posted on: May 21st, 2012 by Admin

Having a regular roof check up is important in maintaining the durability and functionality of your roof. You can do it on your own to see if you need the services of roofers in Nashville already. Here are some signs to consider.

Before anything else, observe some safety guidelines first. Make sure that you have a sturdy ladder that can hold you well when climbing your roof. It is also best to work with someone to assist and watch for you. Use the right tools and protective gears and lastly, climb up only when your roof surface is not slippery and when the weather is fine.

Shingles are the first things you will see when you have climbed up. They are important for your roof system as they serve as shields for your roof against damages. Thus, it is just important that they are maintained and checked regularly. If the shingles are curling, losing too much granules, and have chipped-off edges, these are signs that your shingles are deteriorating and need repairs or replacement already.

Gutters are also an important part of the roof as they are mainly responsible for your roof’s drainage system. Check if they are clogged by fallen leaves, shingle granules, and other debris. See also if they are already sagging, perhaps due to age or heavy ice. Also, misaligned gutters would ruin the drainage system and could cause a mess when it rains. If you noticed any of these signs, fix your gutters immediately.

Another thing to check is the algae growth. Although it is not as damaging as the other symptoms, it can deteriorate your roof further. You would know that your roof has algae and mold growth if you see discolored or black areas on your roof. These areas are hidden from the sunlight because of the tress overshadowing them.

Lastly, from the inside of your house, you can already tell if you have a roof problem by looking for one sign—leaks. There are many factors that could cause roof leaks—improperly installed flashings, missing shingles, ice dams, and the like. So, if you see some marks of water leaks on your ceilings, it’s time to go up to your roof and fix the problem before it could cause severe water damage.

If you have seen these signs of roof problems on your own roof, call a roofer immediately and have them fix the problems quickly. There are many roofers in Nashville who are capable of restoring your roofs with great workmanship. Moreover, they can do the roof inspection for you if you lack the guts to climb up your roof. For the most part, do not also forget that a regular roof check up, either by you or a roofing contractor, is essential in keeping the quality and prolonging the life of your roof.

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