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3 Ways of Storm-Proofing Your Windows

Posted on: September 3rd, 2012 by Admin

Your windows are one of the weakest and most storm-vulnerable parts of your house. Window panes can be shattered by flying debris and high winds. Having your badly damaged windows repaired or replaced after a storm can be too expensive. You can prevent these things from happening by storm-proofing your windows.

Duct Tape

Some homeowners who do not have enough time to install storm shutters or impact-resistant windows resort to using a duct or hurricane tape to somehow protect their windows. However, this storm proofing solution only provides temporary protection and may not resist extreme storm conditions. Homeowners often have the wrong notion that duct taping their windows make the windows shatter-proof and protected. The truth is, duct tapes can never be reliable when it comes to storm-proofing your windows.

Storm Shutters

Storm shutters, also referred to as hurricane coverings, are used to cover windows during a storm. It protects the windows from flying debris, preventing them to get shattered. Storm shutters come in varieties: accordion, colonial, roll-down, plywood, awning, storm panel, and bahama.

Although they do not usually meet building codes and are the least durable, plywood storm shutters are the most commonly used material by homeowners to storm-proof their homes, because they are also the cheapest of all the materials.

Impact-Resistant Windows

Impact-resistant windows may not be that appealing to most homeowners as they are more expensive—almost double the price of regular windows. However, installing impact-resistant windows is the best way to storm-proof your windows. They are specially designed to withstand large debris and Category 5 wind conditions. (According to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, storms with winds exceeding 156 mph are classified under Category 5.)

Impact-resistant windows are composed of laminated glass and layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Unlike duct tape and some types of storm shutters, impact-resistant windows are permanent protection for your windows. They may be damaged by a strong impact but unlike regular windows, they will not be shattered.

Other ways to protect your windows from storm damage is ensuring that your trees and bushes are well-trimmed before a storm hits. Check also the weatherstripping of your windows. If the weatherstripping is deteriorated, they will not function well in preventing water to seep and making the windows airtight.

If you are just building your new home or having your windows replaced, invest in long-term protection for your windows. Ask your roofing Clarksville, TN contractor for some advice on the best window material you should buy. Make sure as well that your roofing Clarksville, TN contractor complies with the building codes in your state.

How to Deal With Common Contractor Problem

Posted on: July 31st, 2012 by Admin

You cannot expect to always have a smooth working relationship with a roofing Clarksville, TN contractor. Sometimes, problems arise and if you experience one, you should know how to handle the situation. Here are some of the common problems you might encounter with a contractor and how to deal with them:

Additional Costs Due to Unanticipated Conditions

Unanticipated conditions refer to rot, termite, damages, and the like which were not observed by the contractor before starting with the project and which are also the reasons why he would ask the homeowner to pay for extra work. The truth is, the homeowner is never to blame for such negligence and he is not supposed to pay for the extra expenses. If you encounter this problem, try to talk to the contractor about it or you can just call off the project.


It is important that a roofing Clarksville, TN contractor keeps his promise of starting and getting the job done right on time. However, if you experience delays in construction, you should bring the problem to the contractor’s attention. Ask for a clear explanation about the causes of delay. To avoid this problem, always ask contractors to create a schedule of all the tasks that they need to do and the time and date when they can start and finish each task.

Shocking Alterations in the Plan

There are some contractors, architects, or designers that would do away with some parts of the plan and proceed on doing what they believe is better. This may not be a problem at all for some homeowners but it is the opposite to those who might not like the changes. To avoid this problem, gather the team before the project is started and tell them to just stick with the plan.

What to Do

First, hire the best roofing Clarksville, TN contractor you could possibly find. Ask for recommendations, search online, check out lists of licensed contractors, and get at least 3 bids (as the Better Business Bureau suggests). Interview your prospect contractors about their experience and track record. Make sure to hire a legitimate contractor.

Second, establish good communication between you and the contractor by meeting with the core people of the team regularly, especially when planning the project. Make sure that all agreements are well understood.

Lastly, read the contract thoroughly before signing it. A well-written contract must have complete contact information of the contractor, payment schedule, materials and labor involved in the project, building permits, contractor’s licensing and insurance, and warranties from the manufacturers and the contractor.

Understanding the Roof Leak Problem

Posted on: June 25th, 2012 by Admin

Roof leaks are never secret. You would know if you have a leaking roof because it leaves water stains on your ceiling. What is more difficult to find out is the source or cause of the leak. It is important that roof leaks be fixed immediately as they can lead to more serious damages, such as rotten sheathing and framing, ruined insulation, damaged ceiling and mold problems, which require more expensive repairs.

The most common way to find the source of leaks is running down water on the shingles by using a garden hose. However, this method sometimes do not work. Another way is to remove the shingles on the suspected areas and this is the easiest way to see the source of leak right away underneath the shingles. However, if you know that you have roof leak problem, you could immediately check out the most common sources of roof leaks which are roof penetrations such as roof vents, dormers, sidings, and flashings.

Roof leaks from roof vents are caused by the cracks on the ventilator housing. Plastic housings are more prone to have these cracks. The fix for this is not caulking the cracks but to replace the damaged vents already. Caulks may wear out again in time and would not solve the problem at all. For a long term fix, replace the roof vent instead.

Meanwhile, dormers are window-like structures projected from the roof. If some of the sidings on your dormers are missing or cracked, rain water blown by the wind could easily seep through those tiny openings. Another thing is when the step flashings around the dormers are already deteriorated or not properly installed anymore, they would also allow water penetration. To fix this problem, use a putty knife to check if the caulks are still effectively sealing off the openings. If they can be easily removed, replace them with new caulks. Replace also missing or damaged sidings.

As mentioned, deteriorated and improperly installed flashings can also allow water penetration into the roof system, causing leaks. Flashings are thin sheets of metal used to seal transitions in the roof—around chimneys, roof vents, dormers, and on valleys. If the flashings on your roof are loose, missing, or rusty, nail them into place or replace them.

There are some things you need to keep in mind while fixing your leaking roof: Caulk or rain sealants will not really solve the leak problem. They are only for temporary fix. Opt for long-term solutions instead even if they may require more work and cash at the time. If the damages are already severe and complicated repairs are needed, hire a good roofing Clarksville, TN professional to do the work. You can find a list of licensed and certified roofing Clarksville, TN companies in BBB and NRCA websites.

Roofing Basics: The Antagonists in a Roof’s Life

Posted on: June 1st, 2012 by Admin

Roofs have long life spans, but they are not exempted from being damaged and deteriorated and that is why, there is still a need for homeowners like you to run an inspection on your roof regularly. So you can preserve the life and efficiency of your roof, learn about the various factors that shorten their life.

Roofs are our protection against rain and other weather conditions. But while they shield us from the rain, it is possible that the waters would seep through and rot the roof structure. This can happen in many ways. One is through missing shingles. Shingles serve as the covering of the roof and if a part of this outer layer is missing, the roof system becomes more vulnerable to leaks. Another is through roof transitions where flashings are not properly installed. These tiny openings allow water permeation underneath the shingles.

Aside from rain, snow, even if they may look harmless, can also shorten the life of your roof. They could cause ice dams to form which would result in roof leaks and damage your roof and wall insulation system. An ice dam is formed when a snow from the top of the roof warms and slides to the gutter where it freezes again. This process would repeat until melting snow gets stuck between the snow on the roof surface and the ice dam.

Another seemingly harmless factor that can deteriorate your roof is moss and algae growth. Moss and algae grow on the damp areas of the roof which are shaded by nearby trees and where sunlight could scarcely get through. They appear as green and black stains on the roof, causing roof discoloration. If left untreated, moss and algae growth could eventually rot the shingles or the roof’s surface.

Trees and fallen leaves also cause a roof’s life to deteriorate. As has been mentioned earlier, nearby trees shading some parts of your roof can cause moss and algae growth. Not only that, fallen leaves from them could cause trouble in your drainage system, particularly in your gutters. If gutters are not maintained regularly, these fallen leaves would cause clogging in your roof’s drainage system.

Lastly, your roof’s own age causes itself to deteriorate. For example, aging shingles are dry and can be easily blown off by high winds. Another is your gutters will eventually sag if they are too old. If you have been noticing these signs and other signs of roof aging, contact a roofing Clarksville, TN contractor immediately to have them do necessary repairs or rehabilitation. Moreover, if you can’t do roof inspection on your own, have a roofing Clarksville, TN come over and do it for you as well.

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