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Out With the Old Paint, In With a Fresh Coat

Posted on: September 12th, 2012 by Admin

If you have just moved in, for instance, and the house has been in the neighborhood since the 70’s, you might want to take a look at its exterior paint. It might still look good at first glance but most of the time, it is already deteriorated and repainting is needed. In such cases, stripping the cladding bare is necessary before a fresh coat of paint is applied.

There are more than a couple of ways to remove the old paint from a house’s exterior: grinding, burning, and using chemicals. Grinding is the process of removing the old paint using a power sander disk or a clapboard sander. With the help of such tools, stripping the old paint is easy and fast. However, this method often works best in clapboard sidings and may occasionally scar wood surfaces if not used carefully.

The other method, burning, involves using heat to remove the old paint. Like grinding, it is also a fast and inexpensive way of stripping old paint. However, there is risk of fire especially when an ember is left under a clapboard. Thus, be very cautious when employing this method. However, a tool called infrared heat allows for a safer method of removing old paint. It works faster than other burning methods but it is not that widely available.

Lastly, using chemicals to strip the old paint is more expensive than the previous methods already described. Most TN roofing contractors would also agree that there is too much hassle employing this method, considering that some do not work. Methylene chloride is the most powerful chemical and peels off old paint quickly. However, you need to put on some protective wear for safety.

The New Color

Picking the new color for your house can be tricky. Most homeowners get indecisive at this point. To get some ideas on how you want your new home to look like, check out home improvement or lifestyle magazines and websites. Experiment also on various colors and shades to come up with the perfect color scheme that you want.

If you already have colors in your shortlist, buy small sample cans and paint the colors on different parts of your house. As you consider the lighting, see how they look on your house. You can do this test with your TN roofing or paint contractor so that he can also give some suggestions on what type of paint you should buy, how many gallons, and the right colors to pick.

Before you start applying a fresh coat of paint on your house’s exterior, make sure that the siding surfaces are clean, patched up or repaired, smooth, and dry. Otherwise, your paint job will not be successful or the paint will not last for long. Make sure also that the weather is perfect for a house painting job.

Wise Painting Tips for Homeowners

Posted on: August 24th, 2012 by Admin

Painting your house is not an easy job for a typical homeowner. However, you can do the job outstandingly by keeping the following tips below:

Choose the right paint colors. Choosing the colors to paint your house with could be one of the hardest part of the job for some homeowners. They couldn’t just decide what colors look best in their rooms. In choosing paint colors, you can use the basic color wheel or the color fan provided by paint manufacturers. Read also about the psychology of colors—what the colors mean and make us feel—to think of better ideas on how you want your rooms to look like. You can also find great ideas in lifestyle magazines and home improvement websites.

Buy sample cans. Before you buy gallons of paint, buy small sample cans of various paint colors first and test them on your wall. See how the paint colors look like in your room, when it is dark, and when it is hit by sunlight. Do not hesitate to shell out some cash on the sample cans because testing the paint will help you avoid making mistakes when you do the actual job. Homeowners who refuse to buy sample cans always have the tendency to end up buying more cans of paint to cover painting mistakes.

Diligently do the prep work. The prep work is a vital part of the house painting job. It may sometimes take a couple of days but the sweat is worth it especially when you do a well-done prep work. Prep work includes removing or covering wall and ceiling fixtures, cleaning walls, sidings, or ceilings, scraping off old paint, covering the floors with drop cloth, and more. These things are necessary to protect some parts of the house that are not meant to be painted and to achieve a successful painting job.

Use the right tools. The basic tools needed for a typical house painting job are the paint brushes, roller, putty knife, and masking tape. Paint brushes can be thin, wide, nylon, or natural. Rollers also come in variations and different sizes. When buying a paint brush or a roller, you can ask the hardware attendant about which paint brush or roller is appropriate for what purpose.

Ask for help. If you don’t have the time to paint your house on your own, you can always hire professional house painters to do the job for you. Roofing contractors Nashville, TN are one of the options you have. There are some roofing contractors Nashville, TN who have expert painters in their team and you can ask them for help. You can also perform a search online or ask for recommendations from your neighbors and friends.

What Roofing Contractors Would Not Tell You?

Posted on: July 30th, 2012 by Admin

Keeping all the guidelines in selecting the best roofing contractor Nashville, TN does not guarantee that you will indeed work with the best contractor who will agree with all your demands. Remember that your need for remodeling, replacement, or repair jobs is business to roofing contractors—their source of income. Thus, it is just logical to think that they would not disclose everything to you. Here are some of them.

1. ) “I’m not going to hammer the nails myself.”

Contractors are just contractors, and although they may be carpenters or designers in the past, they would not do the nitty-gritty of the project anymore. They would instead let their team do the tasks. All a contractor cares about now is his business and to make sure that everything works fine. Therefore, insist on having the project supervised and meet this supervisor in person. Get to know the people who will be working for you. It would also be better to get yourself involved in the project by meeting with the contractor or supervisor for planning and monitoring.

2.) “I’m a contractor, not a designer.”

A contractor may have good designing skills but he cannot be as good to do designing jobs for the project, unless he can prove you that he still pulls off designing well and show you an impressive, recently updated portfolio. This is because a contractor is already preoccupied with his business and he may not have the time to practice the craft anymore. It is better to choose a reliable designer or architect to work the designs, although asking the contractor to work on it is not entirely wrong.

3.) “I will do everything for you to choose me.”

You may get overly priced by a contractor without you knowing it. That’s because a roofing contractor would typically find ways to make you choose him. However, the Better Business Bureau advises homeowners to get at least three bids before hiring a roofing contractor Nashville, TN. To get a more competitive estimate, you can tell the contractor that you are also considering other options. He would most likely work on giving you a competitive estimate.

4.) “You need to give me some money now because I’m a scam artist.”

Upon signing the contract, you would normally be required a deposit. However, some contractors would demand unreasonably huge amounts. In California, the maximum deposit allowed to be asked from a customer is 10% of the roofing job cost or $1, 000 or whichever is less. Thus, if a contractor asks for more than 10% of the job cost to be paid upfront, it is a red flag for scam.

5.) “I will mark up the costs for materials and labor so I could gain more profit.”

Just like auto dealers, roofing contractors have the tendency for mark-ups. Avoid contractor mark-ups by looking at the list of materials in the estimate and take out all that you can purchase yourself. This will also save you money.

All is Wet!: Signs You Have a Drainage Problem and How to Fix Them

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by Admin

The drainage system around your house includes two important components: gutters and downspouts. These are mainly responsible for channeling water that comes from the roof away from your house. Problems concerning gutters and downspouts should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid experiencing more serious problems. Here’s how you would know that your gutter and downspouts are causing you a drainage problem.

Overflowing Gutters

Vertical water stains on the side of your gutters or on your sidings and peeling off exterior house paint are signs that you have overflowing gutters. Gutters overflow when water cannot flow freely toward the downspouts because of a lot of debris, such as leaves, asphalt shingle granules, and twigs, blocking or clogging the entire trough. Gutters also overflow if they are improperly installed or already sagging due to natural deterioration or heavy ice. Water overflowing from gutters can ruin the curb appeal of your house, as it destroys the exterior painting job, and can also eventually cause your sidings to rot.

You can save on repairs by regularly inspecting the condition of your gutters. Remove all the debris and make sure that your gutters are always clean. You can install gutter screens to keep debris from clogging your gutters. However, you would need to replace improperly pitched and sagging gutters, which would cost you more, especially if you will be needing help from roofing companies Nashville, TN.

Dumping Downspouts

Downspouts can flush buckets of water, especially during heavy rainfall, and you can’t afford this amount of water to seep through the foundation of your house and your basement. This can happen if your downspouts are badly installed near the foundation or they are simply just too short. If you have dumping downspouts, your foundations will have enlarging cracks and you will also have a wet basement.

You can use gutter extensions or downspout diverters to channel water away, at least 10 feet, from the house. If you already have huge cracks on the foundation, call a structural engineer, and not a roofing or building contractor, as soon as possible to fix the problem.


Some solutions for a drainage problem are sump pumps, which pump excess water from a basement, and French drains, which are trenches, usually covered with gravel or small rocks, that channel water coming from the surface or the ground away from the house.

Correcting drainage problems may cost you a fortune especially if you will be needing help from roofing companies Nashville, TN or other contractors. However, you can save a lot of cash and time by regularly checking the overall condition of your house. Preventative solutions also cost you money but they are worth it in the long run.

Watch Out for Fraudulent Roofing Contractors

Posted on: July 23rd, 2012 by Admin

All you wanted was a better roof until a roofing contractor who came knocking on your door to offer you a low-cost roofing job did a sloppy work on your roof. You are scornful toward the roofing contractor now as the condition of your roof did not get any better. This is a usual case of a roofing scam. What if it really happened to you? If you don’t want such experience, take note of the following reminders.

I need the money now.

One of the common schemes of fraudulent roofing contractors Nashville, TN is demanding for the payment in advance even before starting the job. They would usually ask 30% to 50% of the total job costs to be paid upfront. This is obviously a scam. Legitimate contractors do not ask for advance payments. The only acceptable reason for paying in advance is when you opt to do so to make sure that the job is done well and on time. Other than that, the roofing contractor cannot demand an upfront payment. If you put a big money down, the fraudulent roofing contractor will either disappear after receiving the payment or do a sloppy job on your roof.

I swear I’ll do it.

Verbal promises are useless when negotiating with a roofing contractor. If they made promises, ask them to put it in writing. All agreements made between you and the contractor must be included in the contract. Otherwise, the contractor can easily retract verbal promises they have made and you would not have any legal reference to counteract such action. In addition, read the contract before signing to make sure that all important details are included.

Your roof looks bad; but we can help you fix it.

Storm chasers are unlicensed roofers from outside your town who would often come knocking on your door to offer you cheap roofing services. They are called storm chasers because they go to places where there are reports of storm or hail damage. Aside from having no license, storm chasers do not also have permanent office address, warranties, and insurance. You might get caught in their trap if you are easily enticed with their seemingly competitive offers. To avoid storm chasers, always ask for the roofing license of whoever knocks on your door.

General Guidelines

Always make sure that the contractor you’ll be working with is legitimate by checking out the online database of Better Business Bureau where registered businesses are listed. You can also check the license status of roofing contractors Nashville, TN by performing a license search in Tennessee’s government website in the Board for Licensing Contractors page.

How to File a Complaint Against a Roofing Contractor

Posted on: July 18th, 2012 by Admin

According to the 2011 national statistics provided by the Better Business Bureau, roofing contractors rank 15th in the number of complaints filed with more than 60% settled. Homeowners can file a complaint against a roofing contractor Nashville, TN if he or she has violated the rules and regulations set by the Board for Licensing Contractors, any provisions in the Consumer Protection Act, failed to comply with the terms and agreements written in the contract, and the like. Nashville homeowners can file a complaint in Nashville BBB or in Tennessee’s Consumer Affairs Division.

BBB accepts a complaint whether or not the business is accredited by it. However, as stated in its website, it does not handle complaints involving employment practices, discrimination, or matters in litigation which are best handled by the legal system or government or private agencies. BBB accepts complaints as long as the complaint met the criteria for complaints acceptance. Homeowners must review this first before filing a complaint.

After the homeowner has submitted the complaint form, BBB will forward the complaint to the roofing contractor Nashville, TN within two business days. The company will be given 14 days to respond to the complaint. BBB usually closes complaints within 30 calendar days.

Meanwhile, homeowners can also file a complaint in the Consumer Affairs Division. A complaint is accepted if the homeowner is residing in Tennessee or if the contractor being complained is operating in the state. The complaint is set up within two weeks after it was filed. The homeowner will be notified once the complaint is set up. He or she could sometimes be referred to a specializing board. In this case, the Board for Licensing Contractors is the closest body to handle complaints against roofing contractors, especially those who are unlicensed. The contractor will be given 21 days to respond to the complaint. Formal actions are brought when there is violation of Tennessee Consumer Protection Act.

In filing a complaint, BBB and the Consumer Affairs Division encourage consumers to contact the business and resolve the issue directly with the business first before filing a complaint. Also, for smoother and faster processing, consumers must fill out the complaint form completely, providing all the important details of the complaint concisely but clearly. Copies of documents which can serve as proofs for the complaint should also be attached. Original copies should not be given as these will not be returned anymore.

To avoid troubles caused by an inefficient or unlicensed roofing contractor and the hassle of filing a complaint, homeowners should take time to research about roofing contractors by checking out BBB’s list of registered contractors. They can also verify a roofing contractor’s license by looking it up through the license search tool of the Board for Licensing Contractors in Tennessee’s website.

TN Gov’t Says Hire Only Licensed Roofing Contractors

Posted on: June 26th, 2012 by Admin

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given its warning to homeowners about storm chasers or fake roofers going door to door to offer cheap roofing services. There are already many complaints involving such roofers that were filed. That is why, the local government of Tennessee urges homeowners to hire only licensed roofing contractors.

Homeowners should ask first for a roofer’s license card and verify its validity in the online database or license search provided by the Board for Licensing Contractors of Tennessee’s Department of Commerce and Insurance. When looking up a roofing contractor Nashville, TN, look at the name of the contractor and the status, type and expiration date of their license. Be familiar and read about the different status codes you may find in the database: active, delinquent, failed to renew, needs QA (qualifying agent), retired, withdrew, military, revoked, denied, bad check, expired, app in proc (application in process), do not use, adm error (admin error). Certainly, the license status of a legitimate contractor must be active.

Aside from verifying the roofing contractor’s license, Tennessee, just like BBB, also advises homeowners to get at least 3 bids from various roofing contractors. Getting more than one bid allows you to compare prices and end up with the smartest choice. Moreover, some roofing contractors estimate the roofing cost too highly or too cheaply. In any case, always ask the roofing contractor Nashville, TN how they arrived at the estimated costs.

Moreover, homeowners are also reminded to always get a written roofing contract. Verbal agreements are useless and it is required by law to have all roofing projects, especially those amounting to at least $25, 000, be legally bound by a written document such as a contract. The contract must contain complete details about the contractor and all the parties involved in the project, detailed description of the materials that will be used and the project itself, payment schedule, statements of warranties and insurance, and other important clauses.

Lastly, never pay in cash upfront, especially more than 30% down payment or deposit. Fraudulent roofing contractors would always demand the full payment in advance even if they haven’t started on the project yet.

When finding good roofing contractors, you can ask around for recommendations, access online databases of BBB and NRCA for registered roofing contractors in your place, or find them using search engines. Aside from license, check also if your prospective contractor has the necessary certificates and permits to do roofing jobs.

Things You Have Yet to Know About a Roofing Contractor

Posted on: June 18th, 2012 by Admin

Not all homeowners can do roofing jobs on their own. Moreover, not all have the guts to climb their roofs. That is why, the services of a roofing contractor Nashville, TN are necessary in most cases. Professional roofers can handle roofing jobs well and hiring them would spare you from the risk of injuring yourself. Here are some things you should know about roofing contractors before hiring one.


It is just important to work with a legitimate roofer to ensure that you get a good quality job done on your roof. To check if a roofing contractor Nashville, TN is legitimate or not, check out the websites of BBB and NRCA. See if it is a registered business and has the proper licensing, certificates, and permits. Research also about what their previous customers have to say about them by asking for a list of references from your prospective roofing contractor. You can also ask people from your neighborhood who have worked with a roofing company before for recommendations.

Familiarize yourself also from fraudulent roofing services. Fake roofers would usually come knocking on your door after a storm, offering you cheap roofing services. In most cases, such roofers turn out to be rip-off artists who just want your money and would leave your roof poorly done. It’s time to think twice when the roofer at your doorstep pressures you to take their offer, asks you to pay in full before they start the job, says they only accept cash payments, cannot give you a permanent office address, offers too good to be true promos, or says they can use some left over materials from their previous project to do some repairs on your roof.


The roofing team is composed of professional individuals that perform their respective roles to do an excellent job on your roof. The roofing team is basically composed of the architects and engineers who are responsible for the designs, the materials manufacturer who provides the proper and best quality materials needed for the roofing job, and lastly, the roofers themselves who climb your roof and do repairs and installation. When hiring a roofing company, insist on having the project supervised to make sure everybody’s safety and the quality of the job.


It is important that all agreements are put into writing when working with a roofing company. This is so that any disputes that could rise can be resolved easily by simply going back to what the contract says. The contract must include details about the warranties involved, description of the project, list of materials and tasks involved in the project, details about the contractor and the homeowner, payment schedule, and the like. All details must be accurate, specific, and clearly stated to avoid any misinterpretations. The roofing contract must protect the interests of both the roofing contractor and the homeowner.

How to Work Well with Roofing Contractors in Nashville

Posted on: May 28th, 2012 by Admin

Roofing jobs are not easy and not all homeowners can do this kind of job by themselves. Roofing contractors Nashville, TN would, most of the time, be necessary to work your roof. However, when hiring roofing contractors, don’t be in a rush in selecting who will do the job. You would certainly want to make sure that the job is professionally done on your roof. So, here are some tips in working with roofing contractors.

First, make sure that the roofing contractor that you want to hire is legitimate. To find out, research about their track record and the date since when they have stated operating. This will give you an idea of how much experience they already have in doing roofing jobs. You can also check out the website of Better Business Bureau or BBB and read the review, accreditation, and summary of complaints about the contractor. Consider also the rating given by BBB; the higher the rating, the better. Legitimate roofing contractors also have complete contact information provided in their websites and a permanent address. You can also contact them and ask them about their licensing, permits, the insurance coverage of workers, and request for a list of their previous clients for your reference.

Second, get an estimate before you make your final choice of contractor. BBB advises homeowners to get at least 3 estimates from various contractors. Estimates should be comprehensive, including a complete breakdown of all the costs involved—materials, labor, and the like. Compare estimates carefully and make a smart decision from there. You can also ask for recommendations to help you find good contractors and choose the best one.

Third, be really careful when working with roofing contractors Nashville, TN. Do not ever pay in full upfront when the work has not been started yet. Most of the time, this is a scam. Moreover, good contractors do not ask for the full payment in advance. Do not also sign the contract without reading it first and if there are still some terms that are not clear to you. Bring up any clarifications and always read the contract before signing on the dotted line. Lastly, be suspicious of roofing contractors knocking on your door after a recent storm, for instance, telling you that your house is badly damaged and needs so and so repairs or even replacement. Most of the time, these are bogus contractors with no permanent addresses.

Many homeowners have bad experiences with roofing contractors because of two main reasons. One is the terms between them and the contractor are not clear and the other is the roofing job turned out to be a scam. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and build a good business relationship with a professional roofer.

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