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Insurance Claims

Precision Property Restoration can help you file an insurance claim by working with your insurance company and leaving you nothing to worry about.

If your place have been hit by a hail storm, tornado, raging storm, or strong winds, and it left severe damages to your roof, contact us immediately and we will run a preliminary inspection on your roof right away. After we have taken photos and recorded the damages, we will suggest that you file an insurance claim. We can do this in your behalf. However, some insurance companies require the homeowner to file the claim himself or herself. In any case, we are here to help you during the process.

After the claim has been filed, the assigned adjuster will contact you. Make an appointment with him or her to run the inspection. Do not forget to get his or her name and contact numbers. Let us know immediately the time and date of the inspection. Like we have said, our assistance is with you throughout the process.

The inspection period sometimes last up to 7 days. After that, the adjuster will discuss all his or her findings on the damages on your roof. He or she will also tell you the amount that the insurance company can cover. Usually, it is half of the claim and the adjuster will write the initial check right then and there.

If you have a mortgage, contact your mortgage company first before signing the check and ask about their process in getting the check endorsed, given your case. Comply with the necessary requirements and contact us as soon as you have the check endorsed.

We will then meet up with you and start discussing about the plan on the roof replacement, the materials to be used, the color and type of roof you want and other preferences you may have. We will start the work immediately and make sure that we finish it well.

After we have finished the job, we will run another inspection to make sure that the roofing is in good condition and quality, damage-free, and that there are no details forgotten. We will then send the bill directly to your insurance company. We will also give you a copy of the bill. Your insurance company will then write the final check indicating the amount it will cover for the roof replacement job. However, be informed that not all insurance companies can cover the full roof replacement cost. You can ask the adjuster about this.

Precision Property Restoration makes filing an insurance claim easy and convenient for you. Our assistance will also prevent you from missing details, help you discuss things with the adjuster, and understand the terms of your insurance policy. You can contact us today if you want to know more about our insurance claim assistance and process.

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